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Designing an eco-friendly bathroom  E-mail

More and more people are becoming aware of the impact of their everyday choices on the state of the earth, and as a result are developing their homes in order to be environmentally-friendly. A bathroom is a space where water wastage is prevalent, expensive non-renewable materials are used and a lot of heating and lighting is required. If you are thinking of turning yours into a “green bathroom", there is no need for you to worry about sacrificing contemporary design for eco-friendly measures. Some bathroom suppliers, such as Best Bathrooms, offer a range of attractive pieces with these specific features. Here are some tips on how you can incorporate “green design" into your bathroom:

Green toilets

If you have an old loo, install a Hippo inside the cistern to reduce water wastage from nine litres to three litres every time you flush. On the other hand, if you a purchasing a completely new bathroom suite, opt for a toilet with a dual flush system, which uses just six or four litres of water on each flush. Alternatively, you can go for a low-flush cistern, which uses four and a half litres of water per flush.

Sustainable materials

Rather than using timber for bathroom furniture, you should instead use sustainable materials, such as bamboo and hemp. Bamboo is great for rooms with high humidity, while hemp is being introduced into bathrooms in the form of accessories, such as shower curtains.

Recycled tiles

Raid your local charity shops and car boot sales for second hand tiles. You can find some beautiful old tiles that can be used in your home to give it a vintage-inspired edge. An alternative is attractive recycled glass tiles.

Eco-friendly floors

A popular choice for green floor material is linoleum, which is made from renewable materials including linseed oil, rosins and jute. Rubber flooring is a good alternative as it is free of environmentally-harmful materials, such as PVC, CFCs and asbestos.

Solar Water Heaters: Eco-Friendly Choice for Your Bathroom Space  E-mail

One of the latest trends when it comes to heating water in residential spaces is based on harnessing solar energy and convert it into electricity. In order to do this, solar water heaters are used. Such solar water heaters are designed to use sun heat in order to provide households with hot water. They include solar collectors and storage tanks. Also, they use sun heat to heat heat-transfer fluid or water in the sun collector. Most of them require well insulated storage tanks. For instance, the solar tank can actually be a modified standard heater but usually, it is a very well insulated and larger tank. Also, solar tanks come with additional inlet and outlet connected from and to the collector. In the case of a two-tank solar system, the heater will preheat the necessary amount of water before it enters a conventional water heater. In the case of a one-tank solar system, a back-up water heater is combined with a solar storage in just one tank in order to provide the necessary amount of heated water.

Solar collectors are designed to gather sun energy and transform this radiation into heat. Then, this heat is transferred to solar fluid or water. There are 3 types of solar collectors that can be used in the case of solar water heating systems. First, there are the so-called flat-plate collectors – a typical flat-plate collector is made of an insulated metal box that comes with an absorber plate and a plastic or glass cover. This cover is called the glazing. On the other hand, unglazed flat-plate collectors, typically used for residential pool heating, come with an absorber made of polymer or metal and without any enclosure or cover. Integral collector-storage systems are made of 1 or even more black tubes or tanks in insulated glazed boxes. In their case, cold water will first pass through a solar collector that will preheat it and then the water continues to a conventional back-up water heater.

Evacuated-tube solar collectors are designed to achieve very high temperatures of up to 350°F and this is the main reason why they are more appropriate when it comes to cooling industrial and commercial applications. Such collectors are made of some parallel rows of glass tubes – each of these tubes contains a metal absorber tube and a glass outer tube attached to a fin. This fin is covered with an absorbing coating designed to absorb solar energy and inhibit the possible heat loss. In their case, air is evacuated or removed in order to eliminate convective and conductive heat loss. Solar water heaters can be active or passive. The active ones are designed to use pumps in order to make pressurized potable water circulate directly through the solar collectors or pumps that circulate heat-transfer fluids through these solar collectors. Passive solar water heaters rely mostly on gravity and use the natural tendency of water to circulate as soon as it is heated. Passive solar water heaters can be integral or Thermosyphon ones.

Integral collector-storage passive ones consist of 1 or more storage tanks that are placed in insulated boxes with the glazed sides facing the sun while Thermosyphon systems rely mostly on the natural convection process of water meaning its tendency to circulate through the tank and collectors once it’s heated. As water is heated in the solar collector, it becomes much lighter and starts rising naturally right into the solar tank above. Meanwhile, the amount of cooler water will flow down the solar pipes right to the bottom of a collector thus enhancing the circulation. When using solar water heating systems, back-up systems are necessary in order to face times of increased demand or cloudy days. For instance, you can go for a conventional storage water heater that can provide the necessary backup and that can also become an integral part of your solar system package.

The Latest Designs at Premiere Walk-In Bathtubs  E-mail


Walk-in bathtubs are regarded as more user friendly when compared to the standard types of bathtubs. Also, they come with therapeutic benefits. One of the most important features that make the difference between a walk-in bathtub and a standard one is the way the user is going to enter it. For instance, a walk-in bathtub will come with doors that are designed to open to the outside and to the inside. The threshold of these doors is very low thus allowing the user to enter his bathtub more easily even if he has certain difficulties with balance.


Illuminating experience
Oasis Walk in Bathtub


Walk-in bathtubs are more convenient due to their doors that are designed to open to the outside and inside – due to the door design, their swing will not require to be accommodated directly in the bathtub installation. Also, such doors are regarded as safer mainly because their latch will be released and all the water will flow out as soon as something happens to the bathtub user. Walk-in bathtubs come with another important feature: their ability to drain all the water away rapidly.

For instance, most standard bathtub drains are likely to be1-1/2 inches in diameter. But a walk-in bathtub comes with 2 drains that have this approximate size thus allowing all the water to drain away almost twice as fast when compared to a standard bathtub drain. This way, you will not have to wait for too long before you manage to open the door of your walk-in bathtub.


George Kovacs
Haven Walk in Bathtub


Therapeutic benefits of the walk-in bathtubs are worth mentioning as well. Just soaking in your bathtub full of warm water is going to be a therapeutic experience. For instance, you may purchase a walk-in bathtub that comes with air jet features thus adding extra benefits of a gentle massage. By using such a walk-in bathtub, you will improve your own range of motion and relax your stiff joints. Also, you may add some aromatherapy items to your walk-in bath in order to enhance its effects.

For instance, you can add lavender essential oil in order to soften your skin, improve your sleep quality and relax your whole system. Before beginning to shop for your walk-in bathtub, you will have to know all the necessary measurements of the home place you are going to fit the walk-in bathtub into. For instance, if you want to go for a walk-in bathtub that comes with doors that swing out right into your bathroom, you will have to purchase the right model that can work with your existing bathroom layout.


George Kovacs
Empower Walk in Bathtub


Also, you will have to get the measurements for every type of doorway your bathtub will have to pass right through because this will guarantee that you will not purchase a walk-in bathtub you won’t be able to enjoy and use. Also, when buying a walk-in bathtub, you will have to pay attention to the following aspects:

  • The bracing of the walk-in bathtub because an inadequate one is going to lead to possible tub damage or collapse.
  • The material from which the walk-in bathtub is made: for instance, you may go for a fiberglass tub but you should be aware that this material is not as durable as acrylic. Make sure you compare the materials before purchasing your walk-in bathtub.
  • The warranty that comes with the tub – you will have to look at its length and consider the current rating of the manufacturer.

Projector light

Momentum Walk in Bath



Premier Bathrooms

'Relief Blanc' - Refinement of a French Contemporary Bathroom  E-mail

White structure and gray lighting: elegance displays its new colors. In complete conformity with the well-known French elegance and good taste, Aubade proposes a new, stylish, pure-white bathroom collection called 'Relief blanc', which satisfies even the most demanding tastes. In contrast with the gray level, the façades in relief, reflecting light in different ways, alternate with the glossy white lacquered fronts.


Sliding drawers and laundry English-style baskets share the space. These drawers are very practical as they allow you to store accessories and objects of different heights and volumes and accessories, creating a very well-organized storage space. In height the round mirror is highlighted by a graphite tablet.


The mirror also has its own neon lighting, emitting a powerful light for an extremely precise make-up session. The bathroom is illuminated in three ways: the neon light incorporated in the mirror, lamps in the ceiling and the light coming from the window.


The wash basin has an ultra-modern, edgy design, in angles, straight lines and straight geometrical shapes colored in the Ying-Yang style of black and white.

The decorative elements – the vase, lamps and the little boats – complete the design idea and the sophisticated, contemporary look of the ensemble.


The whole bathroom as presented here costs € 3599. The lower sub-basin is 954 €, the clothes basket - 544 €, 2 sliding down 1 / 1 drawer costs € 1070 and the mirror is €622.

Fashionable Bathrooms - Wooden Bath Sanitaryware from Francoceccotti  E-mail

The newest trend in bathroom furniture is wooden furniture, says Italian designer Francoceccotti.



Wood might seem like an odd choice for bathroom furniture, as there is a great contrast between the warm wood and other cold textures such as tiles. Also, unconsciously, we tend to think that water and wood don’t go together, but the Italian designers comes to this mith, showing us how this design can make a stunning bathroom.



Their collection is suggestively called "The Natural Range". In a totally unexpected way the Italian company chose to furnish bathrooms with organic wooden objects, from basins and benches, to even bathtubs.
The accessories collection is also made from wood and combines perfectly with the rest of the furniture.



Besides the fact that the material they use is wood, what makes this collection even more special is the fact that each object is unique and unrepeatable. In total the collection includes: two types of bathtubs, three different bowl shaped sinks, accessories for towels and benches.



It is a warm, artisanal touch which in turn will give the bathroom a very elegant look. The new trend will certainly impose itself fast, because it is an unlikely, thus original juxtaposition.

Practical advice on Walls, Flooring, Lights and Decorations in the Bathroom  E-mail

If you want to have an ultra-modern bathroom which everyone will admire, at a minimum cost, you can draw inspiration from this article.

Advantages of digital projection in a bathroom
When you decide to arrange your bathroom, try to make a digital project as this offers many advantages:
• You will know from the start how your bathroom will look like.
• Craftsmen won’t go wrong when they execute the works
• You know exactly the types and quantities of material you need.
• Sizes of the objects you wish to purchase can be calculated very close to reality, and so you can easily choose sanitary and furnishings.
• If you want to wrap the surfaces with various types of boards, you can preview on the computer how to combine different boards and so it will be much easier to choose the combinations that you like, the plate sizes and quantities needed. To consider:

Fitting the bathroom corners

Exploiting corners in a functional space is not purely utilitarian, but offers multiple development solutions in the aesthetic plan.

• corner bookcase shelves are best to be placed more distant at the bottom and top, closer to the right eyes, for maximum comfort.
• Wash basin built-in the corner furniture are an aesthetics, functional solution.
• A corner sink saves up valuable space in small bathrooms.


Moderna Collection

Europa Topax Corner Ceramic Bathroom Basin

Exploitation of corners is the best solution for maximizing space in a small bathroom. The usage of corners in a small bathroom offers the optical impression of a larger space, but also adds functionality and utility.


VH Mutua


How to decorate the bathroom
Usually the problem is matching the finishes with the sanitary ware and furniture. But until the actual election, you must test. Go into a presentation store because it provides you with ideas. If you haven’t decided how your bathroom should look like, you can compare the various space planning options - from the joyful, playful, from the classical elegance.

Tile layout has an essential role. If space is very narrow, tiles should be applied with the long side horizontally, up to the ceiling without interruptions of decorative horizontal belts.

What do you put in the bathroom if you don’t want tiles?

You can have a novel design if you give up to the classical ceramic tiles and you replace them with wallpaper. A great variety of wallpapers can be found at designer Anna French.

Joyful colours - yes or no?

Do you like the new designs of ceramic tiles with flowers? Very well then, but don’t put them all over your bathroom. Let the white tiles highlight the motifs for the decorative tiles and use for flooring a contrasting colour such as blue. In the tub and toilet area use colour accents like a spring green. Here is a lovely flower patters from Maggie Jones Tiles.

Respect the dimensions of the bathroom
If you have a small bathroom, do not use tiles or large motifs. Select small dimensions or opt for patchwork. If you like very much printed patterns on tiles, even if they are more generous, combine them with white tiles, so that you don’t load space. For a classic bathroom, keep in mind the shades.

Luxury in the bathroom

Luxury in the bathroom means money invested for relaxation and comfort. Wouldn’t you want to have parquet in the bathroom or a bathtub that makes you forget your worries? Cast an eye on the latest products - some are expensive, but only you decide which one is the best fit.
Many of us can’t dream of a bathroom like the ones in advertisements or catalogues, about as big as the living room... However, style and refinement can be "adjusted" in smaller spaces too.

For the illusion of space opt for the stainless sanitary, a larger mirror and choose a shower instead of a tub. And when it comes to your comfort it’s best to not make any rebate.

To make the difference between normal products and the luxury ones, go shopping! Touch them, see how they work and you will find what lies beyond the price.

Ideas for small bathrooms

Small bathrooms are found in many apartments and also in housing in the attic, where spaces are atypical because the roof slope. In both cases, certain planning criteria should be considered. Colours and the way they are displayed in the space play a very important role. Open tones, pastels, uninterrupted hard intensity increase the optical space.

Kohler proposes some interesting products.


Attic bathrooms

- Make sure the sink and mirror are placed on the existing vertical wall.
- The tub or shower is to be positioned in the place with a minimum height of 1.90 to 2.00 meters.
- Ventilation is important so don’t forget to mount a ventilator that will assure air exchange at least three times per hour.

-The toilet bowl is to be mounted in the lower part of the bathroom, but the vertical wall to the roof slope has to be at least 125-130 cm tall (enough seating), and the distance from it, where the toilet bowl will reside, to be 60 cm, so the person standing in front of the vessel have at his disposal minimum 1.90 high.
- An attic bath is ideally located in the highest part of the house. When there’s no natural light, opt for a wall of glass bricks, which will provide light from the room nearby.


Fired Earth

Apartment bathrooms
In this case, the toilet, sink and the tub are usually located on the same line. To separate the tub from the sink area you can put a false wall from waterproof plasterboard and coated with moisture resistant tiles.
The wash basin can be placed on the corner, dressed with two mirrors that give the illusion of a larger space.

Either way you save space if:
• You choose a suspended basin
• The toilet bowl has a tank below, above or at its sides making it possible to store shelves.
• Choose a modern suspended heater, which you can also use as support for towels.

The Newest Trends in Bathroom Design: Luxurious, Minimalist, Country Style  E-mail

Nowadays the bathroom has turned into a wellness "oasis" spa, a place of relaxation, excitement and disconnection from everyday stress. The central point is the water, as a priority item. Of all the rooms in the house, family members are found most often in the bathroom in order to start and complete their busy days. In today’s bathrooms we find the standard comfort that requires solitude, efficient use of space and the desire to maintain a certain level of wellness.

We will present some of the newest achievements of famous designers in bathroom ideas, which deal with various styles to assist you in arranging your bathroom in the style that best suits you.

Simplicity of the Contemporary Style


Contemporary style is known for its straight lines, and the attention given to modern art. Fortunately, since we’re talking about the bathroom, this style also has a ''quiet'' side, creating a meditative, quiet atmosphere.



In fact, contemporary style is almost the natural choice when it comes to decorating your bathroom, as most of the furniture found in stores meet the requirements of this style, the surfaces are bright and open. Decorating your bathroom in a contemporary style you can be sure that the furniture and fixtures are elegant, with natural elements as inspiration.

If you want to get to inspirational ideas for decorating your bathroom in a modern style, take a look at this design from Swiss bathroom products manufacturer Laufen (pictures above).

Traditional-Classic style bathroom items

Traditional style will turn an ordinary bathroom into a sanctuary fit for a king, giving it the grace, elegance and a look that will not go out over time. Inspired by the opulence of the eighteenth century European decorations, the traditional style is known by its gold decorations and floral materials, as well as decorative accents made of porcelain, gold and silver. Ordered yet sumptuous, traditional style is a mark of luxury.


Italian designer Lineatre (pictures above) created a luxurious bathroom furniture for people who love glamour, but don’t want to loose sight of the functional aspect of this room. The whirlpool bathtub is the central piece of the collection, joined by marble tabletops, two wooden cabinets and a mirror with gold trim to complete the glamorous look.



Mastella (picture above) is another bathroom furniture manufacturer that proposes a series of contemporary, sophisticated designs. For a stylish design, they combined the modern wash basin décor with an additional wooden material. White is always a symbol of elegance, which, together with the clever, minimalist bath tub furniture ideas give a more generous space to move. Relax, rejuvenate, enjoy!

Country-style bathroom



Country elements are: natural materials, handcrafted furniture and decor (imperfections are not considered defects, on the contrary, they give an original score). A country-style bathroom will create an atmosphere of warmth inside the otherwise cold interior because of the tiles and perfect surfaces. Country or rustic style can be applied in different ways: the choice of intense colours and materials with old models, to opting for soft pastel colours and decorative accents, etc. So you have several choices of rustic trends...designing ideas are endless and ultimately you’ll have a dream bathroom!



Refresh your body and soul with these wonderful bathroom design models by Pearl Baths, both traditional and contemporary models. The choice of colour and texture is really beautiful, guaranteed to make your bath a qualitative experience.







Pearl Baths



Two Sculptural, Elegant Washbasins from Bandini  E-mail

Ever dreamed of recreating the magical atmosphere of the ocean with its waves that burst ashore into your own bathroom? Than the new Ocean washbasin by Italian manufacturer Bandini is just what you need! Its edgy, sophisticated design consisting of curved, wavy lines reminiscent of ocean movement will create a state of calm, serenity and tranquility.



This ultra-modern washbasin is made in Technoform, an innovative, sleek acrylic resin resembling ceramic. The advantage of this material is that it is very resistant, so it will be very hard for the basin to scratch or break.



The basins in the Ocean collection are available in two shiny colours: black and white, both of them giving your bathroom the same mark of distinction, elegance and refinement.

3 Decorated Vas Lavatory Facucets from Kohler  E-mail


With a wide range of patterns and textures that give them unique, distinctive looks, decorated lavatory faucets are the hottest trend in bathroom interior designing. Combining textures, ideas and colors, having a history of 2,000 years to serve them as inspiration, sky is the limit for today's designers! Just a single look at the new decorated lavatories by Kohler will convince you they have created true works of art.


Stylish and sophisticated, the Cerana design catches the eye with its gold and brown jewel-like texture and the rhythmic pattern of joint-flying bees.



Recreating the look and feel of silk, the Silkweave model features a geometric pattern with platinum threads on a matte, while background. It's pure classic elegance.




White and blue flowers decorate this facet which was inspired by a porcelain vase dating from the reign of Yung Lo from the Ming dynasty. This ceramic piece gives a scent of tranquility and quiet luxury to the landscape.

Drop-in Bath Tub with a Multifunctional Seat  E-mail


A refreshing bath becomes even more pleasant and relaxing with the novel, innovative system of the drop-in bathtub. The integrated grip rail and constant depth in every inch of the rectangular tub make it very easy to go in and out, in comparison to regular, oval-shaped tubs which are far more slippery.



Another interesting feature of this tub is its optional, wooden seat that easily slides along the bath's rounded part.This multifunctional seat can also be used as a board on which to put a glass of water or a magazine.

Stylish. Effortless. Functional. There are three words to describe the new Parity Bath from Kohler.

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