A Guide to Fog Free Waterproof Bathroom TV

A simple and informative guide to finding out all you need to know about choosing the right fog free tv for your bathroom.

Tilevision Bathroom TV These days luxury in the bathroom doesn't stop at the fancy shower renovation, the heated towel rail or underfloor heating - It now includes the Fog Free Television. Imagine relaxing to your favorite TV show, watching that romantic movie with your loved one or perhaps just catching the latest news before heading out, all in the comfort of your own bathtub. A Fog free television allows you to watch television in the steamiest of bathrooms, because they are, as the name illustrates "Fog Free".

There are a range of finishes you can choose for your Bathroom TV depending on the manufacturer and the most common Fog Free Bathroom TV's come in sizes 17" and 19" but start at 15 inches right up until the biggest we have seen at 55 inches in widescreen format - a truly expensive addition to any bathroom (that's if you have the space!). As always, be aware of cheap imitations when it comes to choosing a quality Bathroom TV as there are plenty out there that promise the world and yet don't deliver - Some regular flatscreens are marketed as often marketed as "Fog Free" (see our list of quality manufacturers on this page for recommendations).

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More importantly, as well as being "Fog Free" - LCD bathroom television sets should be waterproof and come with a waterproof remote control.

Installation of Fog Free Television

Fitting the TV is usually pretty simple. With a super slim TV, the process is simply put down to fitting the TV over the cut out of the wall and fastening it (wall hung or flush mounted) flush in your designated wall in the bathroom. This gives a great blended look into the wall which adds a more modern look and does away with a Bathroom TV that comes out of your wall and doesn't look properly finished. If you want to keep your cables hidden then you may need to get an electrician to install the Television - they should be able to hide the cords in the wall - they might even recommend a separate circuit if the TV is a dangerous position (i.e. right next to your spa or bathtub). If you'd like to nest your television within an existing bathroom wall, or bath/shower enclave, then you may need a tiler and an electrician - many fog free bathroom tv's (such as the Tilevision range are designed to sit within a recessed section of your tiles).

Note: Your Bathroom TV should come with all the required mounts or brackets you would need for a normal installation (check with manufacturer or supplier just to make sure).

The Technology

Because this is a new era in Bathroom fittings the latest technology should already be within your Bathroom TV. All the models we have come across have been High Definition Wide Screen, blur free and less than a 5 milli second response time that have twin cone cieling or wall mounted speakers. For the more expensive models they usually have intergrated waterproof speakers. Multi Region tuners and Digital Freeview should be standard on todays Bathroom TV models.

Bathroom TV

Things you should ask before buying a Bathroom TV

- Is it fog free and waterproof?
- Where the origin of manufacture?
- Does it have a good reputation?
- Are they easy to install and have reliable after sales service?
- How long have they been making Bathroom TV's?
- Is it going to fit easily into your dimensions you have?
- What are the dimensions of the units?
- What is the warranty like and can you extend it?
- What type of brackets or wall mount is required will it be suitable for your bathroom?
- Does it fits and seal flush with the wall surface in your bathroom?
- Make sure it doesn't need a glass shield on it (dust and debris will get caught in it)
- How long does it take to demist?
- What is the Speaker Quality like?

Manufacturers of Bathroom TV's that are Fog Free & Waterproof

Envirovision (UK) - Built in England the use the latest HD Digital Widescreen to make a high quality Bathroom TV. They also come with a mirror polished stainless stell exterior. A very neat unit and easy to install.

TileVision (UK) - Completely Independant Digital Television Company that is based in the UK and offers two Fog Free Television Models (17" and 23") that come in three finishes of Blacsk, Silver or Mirror. They are reasoably prices and have discounts every now and then.

AquaVision (UK) - Produce a range of independent wet area televisions designed for the bathroom and other areas of the home. As an option, their 15", 17", 26" units are also available in our MirrorVision finish.

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