Bamboo Flooring for your Bathroom – The Basics.

Bamboo flooring for your bathroom is an eco-friendly option that appeals to many people. This may be due to the fact that it brings a natural feel into the bathroom along with a very contemporary feel. Or perhaps because it is a fast growing sustainable wood/grass product that it good for the environment along with your conscience. There are many ways for it to be installed too. It can connect together in long planks or tiled. Bamboo flooring is perfect as a DIY project, as it is easy to be installed.

Self Installing Bamboo Floors

For self installation it is ideal to get the manufacturers installation guide, but you would also need a level floor to start with. Keep in mind that a level bathroom floor consists of a very slight tilt towards the bathroom drain. Normally about 5 degrees depression from the exterior edge towards the drain. Sealing your base floor is important in case and moisture does seep through the bamboo flooring it won’t rot the underlying base causing dramas in years to come. A paint on seal can be purchased from most hardware stores.Try not to deviate to much from the manufacturers installation guide, since they have produced the product they tend to know the capabilities and working method of the product.

We have provide you with a few different bathroom design concepts using bamboo flooring and some products to get you underway.

Bamboo Hardwood floor

This bamboo flooring is supplied by
Bamboo Hardwood Floors.

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As you can see by the finish of the product it has a lovely grain and can be supplied in a variety of colors from Light Honey to Dark Mocha. Priced from US$6/square foot.

Xinfeng bathroom floor

Produced by
Xinfeng this bamboo hard wood flooring has a great striped pattern for your bathroom floor. Each piece locks into place with the next. This product is supplied through and can be delivered worldwide. POA.

Suncheng Floors

For a different style in bamboo floor is this interlocking system by
Suncheng Floor Corporation. It is important with this product to have a well sealed and draining floor before installation as water will seep through the gaps. It can also be used as a shower floor too. POA.

Bamboo Bathroom Flooring Suppliers

Bamboo Direct (AUS)
Sustainable Flooring (US)

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