7 Innovative Shower System Designs

Are you about to remodel or design your bathroom? Are you imagining a space that is as luxurious as a day spa complete with a sleek new design? Will you be looking at eco-friendly systems or are you limited for space? Before you walk into a store and pick out the first shower system you see, take a look at some of these options - a new shower system is not ‘one size fits all’, there are endless possibilities...

Below you’ll find some unique design concepts for your bathroom shower system. They range from the basic shower rose and taps to full spa therapy systems and also the more water conscience systems.

Dornbracht designer shower systemElemental Spa
... custom shower systems created by Dornbracht. All of their packages are tailored to meet your bathroom measurements.

The Dornbracht shower systems are based around design and balance of the home with a unique style.

Dornbracht prefer professional tradesmen experienced with a Dornbracht installation to ensure the integrity of their products be maintained (this product is not for the 'DIYer').

Price on Application.






Dreamline Home Spa and Steam Shower System
Jetted Steam

Always dreamed of a steam room? With this shower system option and your steam room dream will become a reality.

Not only will you improve the quality of your shower time you can also improve your health too.

Studies have shown us that steam helps improve respiratory illnesses, poor circulation and skin conditions. Try this one by Dreamline, it comes complete with foot massager.

Retail price US$4,000.




Cutting Edge

Perhaps you feel you need something a little more new age to meet your showering needs. Look no further than the Yanko Design has a Slide Shower. This wonderful gadget is an easy and simple sliding shower panel control.

The adjustable shower panel doubles as an overhead shower and a body and shoulder massage you just need to slide it to where you would like it.

If you need to know the price, chances are you probably can't afford it.

Green Shower Systems

Quench eco friendly shower systemEco-Friendly
...shower systems are vastly growing and are available at competitive rates. Many people use a grey water system to recycle the water they use in their showers but what about limiting the clean they use. Quench showers have designed and implemented a concept to limit the about of clean water going down the drain.

How have they achieved this? With the Quench shower you would start showering as you normally would and wash your body, etc, and rinsing thoroughly. Once the soapy water has disappeared down the drain, place the drain cover and allow the reservoir to fill (approximately 4 litres (1 gallon) of clean temperature-controlled water). Turn the shower off and activate the Auto-Mode. The water will re-circulate continuously through the shower for as long as you like.

The water is filtered, pressurized and heated to the temperature that is set by the user at the control panel. When you finish lift the drain cover up to empty the reservoir and step out. Now activate the Sanitize–Rinse cycle and the entire system will be effectively sanitized and rinsed leaving the system in its original hygienic condition ready for the next shower. Not only will you save water but you will save money too with a Quench shower System. Quench showers are available in two models and the website offers installation methods for both of the available models.

Retail from AU$2995.00.

Eco friendly shower headEnergy Saving
Like the Quench shower here is another water savvy shower option. The BodySpa Showerhead, Hose and Fixing Kit. This kit will reduce your energy and water bills and help in saving the earth. The whole kit can be bought online and can be self installed.

The Natural Collection website provides full technical specs and installation details.

Retail from UK$55.00

Affordable Shower Systems

TheraClense Home Spa Shower HeadSkincare

Always wanted a luxury spa but couldn’t afford the hefty price tag? Take a look at the TheraClense™ Skincare Hydrotherapy Shower System.

This shower system is not as deluxe as Dreamlines Steam and Spa experience however it can exfoliate and deep cleanse your skin whilst you shower.

The TheraClense™ Skincare Hydrotherapy Shower System can be self installed.

Retail price US$29.95.


Grohe Aqua 2000 shower systemThermostat Control

This shower system has been created by Grohe. It features a thermostat control, three individual body sprays, and shower bar with adjustable height contros

...not to mention a sleek stainless steel design for a timeless look.

Retail from US$1900.






Installing a new shower head.

For those installing a new shower head here are some installation guidelines to help you get started.

Things you will need.
- adjustable wrench
- pipe/plumbers tape
- new shower head
- pipe wrench (optional)

1.Unscrew the attached shower head using an adjustable wrench or pipe wrench. The head sometimes appears that it can be screwed off by hand, but you will need a wrench that can strongly grip it. The pipe wrench makes the job very easy; however, the wrench may cost you $20 or more.

2.Wrap the threads on the pipe with pipe/plumbers tape.

3.Only wrap the tape around two or three times. The tape only costs $2-$3 at any home improvement store. You should only need 2-3 inches of the tape.

4.Screw the new shower head on tightly. Use the wrench to ensure the tightest fit this will also ensure your new head will not leak and maintain water pressure.

Planning on installing more than a showerhead?

If you are installing a whole new system in your bathroom there are a few things you will need to consider before you do and to even consider before you purchase your new shower system.

Remember that each shower system is unique and you will need to check the technical specifications of the product to see if it suits what you already have at home. Most products will have this outlined with their product. Each installation will be different. A plumber will be required for most of the work on larger shower systems. And in some cases an electrician too.

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