6 Space Saving Kitchen Pantries for Small Spaces

Each time we cook or get groceries we seem to aimlessly push through jars and containers in our pantries. A pantry is something that gets over looked in small kitchen design even though it should be high on the checklist. We have been scouring our sources to find some great ideas for new and functional pantry ideas for smaller kitchens. We have stumbled across the pull out pantry. It takes up the space of a small pantry but gives you more room to store and sort your food wares.

Merlin Cabinets

This is a sleek and slim design by
Merlin Cabinets. They have a range of designs and styles for an kitchen layout. Between each main draw there are free sliding draws so you can easily access your goods. POA as they are made to order.


A center mounted pantry drawer designed by
Rockler. It can be fixed inside your existing kitchen cabinet space and comes in a range of sizes. Priced from US $289.99.

Local Motion Kitchens

Local Motion Kitchens has a great range of pull out pantry systems. This one is ideal for small spaces. The pantry door pulls out and swings to the side for easy access and so you can store extra good ups the back. POA as their systems are all made to order.


Hafele kitchen pantry systems exude a contemporary style with practicality. This particular pantry has extra storage solutions fixed to the door and the unit slides out so you can utilise the whole space. Priced from AUD $1,236.10.


Here is another great storage solution by
Hafele. This base pantry system also comes fitted with a light that turns on when you open the draw. It is great for a compact kitchen. Priced from AUD $213.10.

Kitchen Source

Kitchen Source pantry system offers so many storage areas. Great for spices! The doors open to reveal a mass of shelving that all fold out or roll out for easy access. Priced from US $2382.27.



Pull Out Pantry Suppliers

All Kitchens (AUS)

Kraft Maid (US)

The Master Cabinet Maker (US)

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