Big Designs for Small Kitchen Sinks


small kitchen sink by Franke The kitchen sink tends to be a focal point of any traditional kitchen design. Design trends have changed and the sink isn’t the feature it once was - there are many other gadgets and new ideas to distract us from the sink. Dishwashers and splashbacks are usually higher on the 'kitchen features' priority list.

It makes sense then that kitchen sinks have become smaller. Indeed, why would you need a large sink when everything pops into the dishwasher? Smaller sinks are also a reflection of less generous living areas and limited bench space – I mean, why would you install a sink you could wash a small child in when you could replace it with a smaller, more functional vessel half the size.

Small Kitchen Sink Options

Generally, kitchen sinks come in 3 main bowl designs. One bowl, two bowl and three bowl. For a small kitchen or those who rely more on the dishwasher, a one-bowl kitchen sink is the best option to take.

Below, you’ll find various ways to solve your sink woes through great designs for one-bowl small kitchen sinks. Small kitchen sinks can provide you with more bench space and can help save you water too.

An undermount sink can save space by not taking up valuable bench space with the traditional fixed draining rack. Instead opt for a portable drain rack that you can pop away after you finished with it.

Franke sinks, taps and sink accessories dominate the kitchen sink market through-out the US, UK and AUS. It is obvious why! Franke seem to be able to take an everyday sink and give it the designers edge... whether it is a single bowl sink or a triple bowl with a large side drainer.

8 excellent small kitchen sink designs


A single bowl undermount kitchen sink, stainless steel with a silk finish. Designed by Franke.

Franke Belfast Sink DesignFor a more interesting approach look at the Belfast sink design by Franke (UK). This ceramic one bowl design saves space and looks great in almost any kitchen setting.

Leisure Belfast Sink DesignLeisure sinks also have a Belfast design you may prefer. It is very similar but a heavier and larger product than the Belfast by Franke.

SMEG Kitchen Sink

who are known for their stainless steel quality products also have single bowl sinks available with lovely matching swivel taps.

Julian Classic Kitchen SinkThis sleek design utilises the space behind the sink for utensil storage, what a great idea for a cozy kitchen.



Another space saving idea comes in the form of the 'corner sink' - These sinks utilize the corner of your kitchen and it a practical solution for some kitchens;

Franke Corner Sink Design

This corner sink design is also by Franke.



Mambo Round Small Sink Design


Single bowl sinks (which can also be used in corners) not only come in straight edges there are also many round bowl sinks available. Like this one we found on the 247 DIY website.

It is part of the Mambo range with SMC.

Pimp your Sink

If you're in the market for new small kitchen sink it's worth considering a few extras to make the most of your new sink...

Astracast TapConsider a pull out tap for quick and practical hand washing. Here is one created by Astracast, who also have a wide range of single bowl sinks.


Franke Drainer Tray

A portable drainer is another great accessory. They can either be placed on the bench next to you or placed over the sink – this is a great space saving idea instead of having a permanent draining rack attached to your sink recess.

This particular portable drainer is made by Franke.

Carron Chopping BoardDon’t miss out on a stylish chopping board that can be placed over your sink to save space or to match your new small kitchen sink. This one is designed by Carron.




Savvy small kitchen sink designs

If you're in the process of brainstorming your new kitchen, here's a few small kitchen designs and resources for you to draw inspiration from;
Apartment Therapy Designer Kitchen
Apartment Therapy runs an annual competition for the coolest small kitchen awards and small apartment designs. Take a peek at 2007’s Coolest Small Kitchen Winner and the other finalist for some creative small kitchen concepts.

Small Kitchen Awards2007
Take note of the small sink used in this 2007 National Kitchen & Bath Association Awards finalist for the Small Kitchen Award with Midwest Home magazine.

Violet Designs - Studio Spaces
Violet Designs provide sleek small kitchen designs for those who live in a studio space.

...and some great small kitchen design books;

Small Kitchen BookBig Designs Book
These books showcase award winning small kitchen designs. They can both be bought online through Amazon Books and Harper Collins.

Bringing your small kitchen sink design to life

Kitchen sinks can be installed by a tradesman or you can try doing it yourself. There are many books and websites dedicated to kitchen DIY. Some sink manufacturers will supply concise installation instructions, however the more intricate a sink design, the harder it is to install and more often than not, it should be left to the professionals. In the case of undermount sinks (which are the most difficult to mount) - they should definiteley be left for a qualified tradesman to install.

If you do want to try installing your own sink, here are a few sites that will help you on your way;

Where to buy small kitchen sinks

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