7 Vibrant Red Kitchen Cabinets

Updating your kitchen can be as simple as replacing or resurfacing your kitchen cabinet doors. If you have a small dark kitchen you don’t need to choose white color schemes to give the illusion of a larger kitchen, go a little crazy and make it RED. Red kitchens are very popular and not only does it brighten a room it also looks very cool.

Tanturri Red Kitchen

This kitchen as designed by
Arthur Tanturri for a Manhattan kitchen. The bold red mashed together with stainless steel fittings give the kitchen confidence and drama.


Acrylic coated doors in glossy red can be purchased through
Parapan for £170.

Errebi red kitchen

Designed by Giorgio Ragazzini and manufactured by
Errebi. This kitchen's rejuvenation consisted of completely remodeling the entire kitchen cabinetry and design, therefore price is on application.(Just remember that a designer kitchen comes with a designer price tag).

360 Interiors red kitchen

Created by
360 Interiors is the ‘Corretto’ kitchen series, which entails vibrant red high gloss doors and stainless steel scoop handles. They tailor all products and designs making pricing only available on application.

KBBC kitchens

The red gloss cabinets give a very dramatic look to this kitchen. It is complimented with geometrical lines and stainless steel fixtures. Created by


Created by
UNICA, this is an example of one of their many completed projects. It visually demonstrates that resurfacing your doors and tiles can give a small kitchen a large look. POA. UNICA offer complete kitchen remodeling not just cabinetry.

windsor kitchens

One of the most 'polished' kitchen we have ever seen. This shiny red kitchen cabinetry has been created by
Windsor Kitchens. They also specialize in Granite counter tops. POA.

Kitchen Cabinets Suppliers

Armstrong Cabinets (AUS)
Cabinets on Demand (AUS)
Aristo Kraft (US)

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