Wooden Toilet Seats


Toilet seats come in a wide range of kinds, sizes and shapes and one of the most popular styles is the wooden toilet seat. Such wooden toilet seats have been designed to provide additional protection and style to toilets. They come in various sizes and shapes – some of them are elongated while others are round. Usually, wooden toilet seats are made of oak as this kind of wood is sturdy and very pretty by nature.

Wood Toilet Seat - Oak, Aubuchon

Wooden toilet seats are cut out of a wide range of wood planks. CNC milling machines are used for the process – they are computer controlled and come up with a preset design used to cut off a particular toilet seat design. Once the toilet seat is cut out of a particular wood plank, it is coated and then polished with layers of varnish in order to increase its resistance. If you want to accentuate the genuine old-time look that is usually associated with wooden toilet seats, you will have to choose hinges that are right for your toilet.


Round Toilet Seat, 17" Natural Oak, Aubuchon


For instance, the standard way to have these hinges set up is by using mixing darker colored woods with brass hinges and lighter colored woods such as pine with nickel hinges. The most common guide to purchasing a wooden toilet seat is that you will have to consider both the size and the shape of your toilet. Remember that there are 2 basic sizes: the oblong and the round.


Round Toilet Seat, Bamboo, Aubuchon

So, by measuring the area between the screws that can be found right on the back lid of your toilet and the front of the toilet bowl, you will manage to get the exact size of the toilet you have in your bathroom. The wooden toilet seats are longer lasting when compared to plastic toilet seats. Also, they are definitely warmer when used on chilly winter days. However, the main con related to wooden toilet seats is the fact that they can stain easier than toilet seats made from other materials.



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