Wall Mounted Toilets: An Extra Fashion Statement


Wall hung toilets are designed to be mounted on the bathroom wall through projections. Their style and design can add elegance and an extra fashion statement to the bathroom’s décor. Also, they can be used both in smaller and larger bathroom spaces. Wall hung toilets can be hung on the bathroom wall with a special projection of 510 mm. Such a projection is usually made of resistant and durable stainless steel thus providing the necessary structural stability to the wall hung toilet frame. Being made from stainless steel, these projections come with zero chances of getting corroded overtime. This way, the hung wall toilet is provided with a useful and larger span life.


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Duravit D-Code Wall Mounted Toilet in White


Generally, the wall hung toilet structure is coated with bronzes, brasses and zinc alloy in order to provide a good surface finish, longevity to the toilet frame and smooth curvatures. The drain pipe, the water tank and all the other toilet components except for the bowl are hidden right behind the bathroom wall. Some of the main basic materials that are used for wall hung toilets are strong and high-quality plastic, porcelain, resins, High Gloss Polypropylene or Solid High-Impact. Also, wall hung toilets can come in other exotic materials such as stainless steel, bamboo, leather or wood.


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Scarabeo by Nameeks Planet Wall Mounted Toilet in White


They are quite easy to install and no special plumbing facilities are required in order to do this. Adjustable upgraded options are provided as well when it comes to the soft close toilet seats. For instance, soft close toilet seats will come with adjustable hinges thus preventing slam shut – the seats are shut down slowly and gently in just a few seconds. Wall hung toilets are designed to come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Also, a quite vibrant design palette is also to be expected when looking for a wall hung toilet for your bathroom. Generally, most of these wall hung toilets come with a standard height but they can easily be adjusted once they are mounted on the bathroom wall in order to fit the user’s height.

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Kohler Kingston Toilet Bowl with Rear Spud in White


Large flexibility options are provided in order to make wall hung toilets a favorable choice even if the bathroom space is smaller. Also, wall hung toilets are among the greatest ways to save extra space in your bathroom. Additionally, bathroom cleaning will become easier mainly because the only visible element of the wall hung toilet is its bowl – this bowl is suspended off the bathroom ground rather than standing right on it. This way, cleaning around and under is will become much easier. A wall mounted toilet will make your bathroom look more relaxing and elegant due to its cleaner appearance, special minimalist design and smaller footprint.


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Scarabeo by Nameeks Moai Wall Mount Toilet with Seat and Cover in White




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