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Traditional flush toilets consume a maximum amount of water and this is the main reason why dual flash toilets were introduced. They are designed to reduce the water consumption – toilet water is used more efficiently due to the fact that this type of toilet allows the user to choose from 2 types of flushes. This innovative design comes with 2 buttons – one of these buttons is for solid waste while the other one is for liquid waste. The full flushed will be used for a solid waste while the short flush is going to be used just for the liquid waste. This way, the toilet consumes less water in order to have all the waste flushed away.


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For instance, a traditional flush system will require the water pressure to be combined with air in order for the waste to be flushed away. In the case of a dual flush toilet, only the water pressure will be used in order to have the waste flushed away. This is the main reason why this type of toilet is more water efficient – for instance, even if the full flush is used, the total amount of used water will still be lesser when compared to the ordinary and traditional flush systems.


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Other advantages brought by the dual flush toilet include the minimization of the water consumption thus reaching a minimum level and savings on water usage – for instance, such a toilet can save an average of almost 70% in a household. Also, they are environmentally-friendly as the water flushes are more efficient. However, the main disadvantage of this type of toilet is the fact that its installation is likely to be a difficult process. Also, it’s not easy to maintain this system in a proper working condition. Another significant drawback is the fact that dual flush toilets are pretty expensive.


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The necessary plumbing can also become a problem as a dual flush toilet needs a professional installation and not a DIY homeowner. So, once you have decided that a dual flush toilet is what you are looking for, you will have to contact a professional and certified plumbing contractor. This is necessary in order to make sure that your new dual flush toilet operates in the right way and stays free of trouble for all the years to come. However, you should acknowledge that the advantages can easily ride above all these disadvantages.


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Dual flush toilets come in a wide range of innovative appearance and design mainly because they are regarded as a brand new product on the market. For instance, dual flush toilets come with user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing and comfortable features in order to convince homeowners they worth the investment.


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