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Sinks and fixtures are possible the top priorities when you plan to design your bathroom space. However, you need to consider the toilet as well as this bathroom item can truly reflect your personal taste and creativity. For instance, you can choose between traditional or modern designs. Once you plan to go for a classic appearance for your bathroom, you should go for a traditional toilet but if you want to create a contemporary and fun look to this space, you should go for a contemporary toilet type. Traditional toilets come with a flush system generated by pull chains and a waterproof receptacle that is used in order to hold the water.


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The gravity flushing system is used in the case o the traditional toilets mainly due to its efficiency and ability to produce less noise. However, such a gravity flushing system is quite difficult to repair and consumes more water too when compared to other types of flushing systems. Usually, traditional toilets are made of ceramic or steel. On the other hand, modern toilet designs come with different concepts of flushing systems. For instance, dual flush or pressure-assisted systems are used in their case in order to decrease the possibility for clogging.

However, such systems are noisier when compared to the gravity flushing system. Also, some of the modern toilet designs come with advanced features that include ozone deodorants in order to eliminate unpleasant odors and heated seats. Air conditioning installed right under the toilet rim is another available feature for the modern toilet designs. Learning all the benefits and qualities of both traditional and contemporary toilet designs can really help you make a good choice when it comes to purchasing a toilet that can sit your fancy and needs. Here is a useful breakdown of some of the most common toilets styles together with their main functions.


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The vast majority of toilets use the gravity flushing system. This type of system has been improved and a gravity toilet bowl works on a siphoning action by pulling all the water from the toilet bowl. Today’s design technology has already provided 6-7-liter gravity toilets thus outperforming the older large volume toilets.

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The vacuum-assist toilets come with a special mechanism that is designed to create a small vacuum right in the toilet trap in order to help in flushing the water from the toilet bowl. Early closing flappers and the fill valve are similar to the ones that can be found in the gravity type toilets.


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The pressure-assist toilets come with a vessel that is installed right inside the toilet tank that is used to trap the air. This tank is filled with water. Then, it uses all the pressure coming from the water line in order to compress all the trapped air. The air is released and you get a pressurized push instead of the common siphoning action sucking water. This way, all the waste in the toilet bowl is cleared. However, such flushing systems are louder when compared to others. Also, they are more expensive and are to be used in institutions and commercial building.



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