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Water Saving Showerheads - Reduce Water Usage and Expenses!


6 Recommend Water Saving Shower Heads - Things to consider before you buy

Have you ever wondered how much water you and your family consume in the shower every day? And, more importantly, have you asked yourself what can you do to minimize the water usage and thus, your expenses, while still enjoying the benefits and pleasure of a nice shower?

It's time to take control over your expenses and help the environment at the same time! The simplest solution for obtaining maximum water pressure with a minimum water consumption is to buy a water-saving shower head, which has a flow rate of less than 2.5gpm (0.94 liters). They'll give a powerful jet while save water, energy and money! 

How much water can you save?

If each member of your family spends about 15 minutes each day in the shower and a regular shower head has a flow rate of 12-15 liters, your annual water saving will be 40,000 liters/year.Take into consideration the price of water, especially that of hot water, and you just made serious savings to your annual budget!

Types of low-flow shower heads

There are two basic types of low-flow shower heads: aerating and laminar-flow. Aerating shower heads mix water with air, forming a foggy spray. Laminar-flow are best suited for humid climates since hey won't create as much steam and moisture as an aerating one. 



The eco-friendly Oxygenics Evolution blends hi-tech and cutting-edge features to deliver a revolutionary, shower experience while saving 20-70% in water and energy usage and a 90% wider spray coverage area than other industry leading brands. This aerating shower hair has a four-pressure spray setting and an innovative push button spray selection system. Add the 360° rotating oval head design and you have a product that seems out of this world! 

These two eco-friendly 1.75 gpm shower heads from the Kohler's Forté, respectively Revival  faucet collection offer you the choice for a full coverage spray, focused spray or concentrated utility spray  for a revitalizing massage shower experience.


This wall-mounted WaterTile showerhead from Kohler combines style and efficiency using a maximum of 2.5 gallons per minute. It's available for $199.


The Eclipse is an ultra performant non-aerating shower head with a maximum usage of 1.5 gpm. Its adjustable spray selections offer fine and course spray settings and its self-cleaning design ensures good long-term operation for the product.


The Elite Hi-Rise Shower Rose is a quality, solid brass showerhead on an adjustable hi-rise arm with a water flow rate of 9 liters/minute.Available for $75 t The Environment Shop.


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