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Relaxing steam showers

Relaxation is an important part of our busy and hectic lives. Between work, family and personal commitments, people are finding less and less time to look after themselves. Our overall health is influenced by stress which is rampant in today’s fast-paced society. By taking time out to relax and look after ourselves, we can improve the other parts of our lives. Water plays a huge part in our well-being and it can be harnessed in a number of therapeutic ways.

Warm water, massaging jet streams of a shower and being enveloped in warm steam are all ways to relax and improve our overall health. Showers rejuvenate and hydrate the body, waking us up in the morning or relaxing us before bed. Steam therapy relaxes muscles and mind, removes dead skin cells, brings out impurities in the skin, releases toxins, opens pores and increases blood circulation.

Most people bath or shower at least once daily to clean and pamper themselves. The sauna, on the other hand, which uses steam therapy, is only utilized by most people on a rare occasion. Even though its therapeutic benefits are enormous, most people do not have the room or feel the need to have a sauna in their own home. Saunas take up a lot of space, require special installation and seem to be a needless luxury for the everyday person.

There is a way to combine the benefits of steam therapy with normal shower bathing – the steam shower. Today you can choose from a number of steam shower features which enhance the sensual effects experienced during hydrotherapy. These features may include steam, vertical hydro massage functions, hand held and fixed raindrop shower heads, or a caressing waterfall. Jacuzzi’s Omega Morphosis Steam Shower is a great example of a modern shower enclosure that combines a number of hydrotherapies.


The Jacuzzi Omega Morphosis Steam Shower is available for around $27 000 and will fulfill just about all your spa needs – even options for aromatherapy.
Steam showers provide a lot of hydrotherapy options including shower and steam, however the size of the units are compatible with most bathroom styles. Considering that they are an “all-in-one” bathroom amenity, most models will fit in a medium sized bathroom.

This Ideal Standard TRIS model takes up no more room than a large shower stall but incorporates all of the relaxing features you need within dimensions of 170cm x 110cm.


This Ideal Standard TRIS steam shower features tropical showering, steam, drying sauna, aromatherapy and hydro massage and can be purchased for around $20 000.


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