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Thermador cook tops makes kitchen life easy
Everyone wants to cook like a professional. To have the ease, speed and safety of a 5 star restaurant is now readily available with the Thermador Masterpiece range. Induction technology means that the surface stays much cooler meaning it is far safer then traditional cook tops. The surface only heats the pan meaning any spills do not bake on and are incredibly easy to wipe off. It also allows instantaneous temperature change meaning it is as flexible and responsive as gas. These amazing cook tops also have a wide range of features to make cooking easy. These include superior heating precision as well as their proprietary 10-step power micro-adjustments between zero and 25% which provide far superior performance over the widest range of simmering needs. One of the most remarkable feature of induction cooktops is that they apply energy directly to the pan itself. This means that they don’t waste heat like radiant or gas systems making them far more energy efficient. Another great safety feature is the Anti-Overflow system, which automatically shuts off and sounds an alarm as soon as the alarm sound. Coming in a 36 or 30 inch with both a silver mirrored finish or mat black. A kitchen with both the ease and looks of a professional set up has never been so easy.
thermador cook top
The sleek 4cook plate cook top from Thermador.
thermador cooker
An even sexier Thermador cook top 5 burner plates and comes in a platinum finish.

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