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Range Hoods: The Best Way to Keep Your Kitchen Clean

As you cook, air pollutants including smoke, steam and grease particles rise from your cooking surface. Unpleasant odors may rise as well. A gas freestanding range or oven will also emit nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide and its grilling system may also add a lot of smoke filled with grease. So, the quality of the air you are breathing in your kitchen will be affected by all sorts of culprits that may include lingering food smells, trash can odors and excess moisture coming from your dishwasher. A range hood can solve all these problems by either using filtration in order to clean the air (recirculating or ductless installation) or pulling all the polluted air outside (a ducted installation).



Wall Hood, Supplier - Dacor


  • In addition to keeping your kitchen air free of unpleasant odors, a quality range hood will provide other benefits as well. For instance, the greasy steam that is emanated during cooking your meal will be collected and drawn outside instead of being left to blow back onto your cooked foods. Your whole kitchen will stay much cleaner because the air will be free of grease and unnecessary moisture. For instance, moisture and airborne grease left from your cooking will create an unpleasant sticky residue on each of your kitchen surfaces. But having a quality range hood will remove all these particles in order for your kitchen to be cleaner than ever. For instance, a state-of-art hood comes with a timer designed to allow the whole device to run for 15 or 20 minutes after you have finished your cooking in order to properly clean the kitchen air. Afterwards, it will turn itself off in an automatic mode.


Over THe Range Hood, Supplier - Dacor


  • Having a quality range hood will also encourage you to become more creative when cooking. For instance, with the right ventilation system, you can experiment with all kinds of exotic foods you may have ignored due to their particularly strong odor. You can become confident using a wide range of pungent ingredients including Kimchi, curries or sardines because you will know that all these smells won’t remain inside your kitchen. Even salmon or garlic odors are not likely to be a perfect match for today’s extremely efficient and powerful kitchen hoods, once these hoods are installed and ducted in the correct way.


Island Hood, Supplier - Dacor
  • Keep in mind that, like any other important kitchen appliance, you will have to purchase a quality hood and have it installed in the right way. For instance, there are many general contractors that can provide you with a kitchen hood at a quite reasonable price or you can have this price bundled with the price of installation. However, you will have to be sure to ask your dealer/manufacturer about all the things that are required for the right installation of the kitchen hood before you purchase this item. 

Wall Mounted, Under Cabinet Range Hood, Supplier- Kobe

  • If you are looking for comfortable cooking experiences, you should also know that an overhead hood will provide you with additional lighting – this light will be provided right where you need it more. So, one of your considerations for selecting the right range hood for your kitchen should be the exact amount of light it’s designed to provide. You should also consider the type of lighting a particular range hood can provide – incandescent, fluorescent, halogen or an efficient combination.  The bulb wattage doesn’t have to be too high because the range hood will be closer to your cook top than the kitchen lights.

A quality range hood should be included in the investments you plan to make in your kitchen. This kitchen appliance is extremely helpful due to its increased ability to create the necessary negative pressure that will cause the clean outdoor air to re-enter your kitchen thus improving the overall air quality throughout your whole residence, not just in your kitchen. Promoting good airflow, removing all the potentially harmful chemicals and eliminating the grease and excessive moisture will provide you with a healthier home environment.             

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