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Microwave Convection Ovens


Microwave convection ovens come with all the strong points provided by the convection ovens and the microwave ones. So, the efficiency and speed of microwave cooking are combined with the ability to bake and brown the food. Also, a microwave convection oven comes with other features provided by convection ovens – for instance, this type of appliance is designed to preheat the oven in order to prepare the baking. So, if you want to prepare each of your foods with more versatility, you should definitely go for a microwave oven in order to experience real culinary dreams.


George Kovacs

Microwave Convection Oven by Dacor

Microwave convection ovens are among the best ovens that are currently available on the market due to the fact that they are designed to bake, cook, broil, warm and even re-thermalize foods in an efficient way. Here are some of the main special features provided by microwave convection ovens. First, such ovens come with enhanced baking features. During baking, heating elements are used to raise the temperature that is necessary inside the oven. For instance, a microwave convection oven is designed to operate a wide range of temperatures from 200 to 450°F. Its fan will circulate all the hot air throughout the interior compartment of the microwave convection oven right over foods in order to produce moister interiors and brown exteriors as well. Also, such an oven comes with fast baking features – for instance, these fast baking features are to be regarded as a cross between microwaving and convection baking.


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Microwave Convection Oven  by Miele

The best advantages brought by microwave convection ovens include the fact that they can brown, roast and crisp your foods as well as cook your foods much quicker. Microwave convection ovens provide the user with plenty of additional advantages of microwave heating and cooking combined with convection broiling and baking. Microwave convection ovens come with cooling and heating switches which cool and heat the food in a perfect way. Also, all the nutrients in foods are preserved and the real taste of your foods will remain the same when using such a kitchen appliance.


George Kovacs

Microwave Convection Oven by GE Appliances

Additionally, microwave convection ovens require just a minimum quantity of oil and this is good for your health too. Microwave convection ovens operate at a lower temperature when compared to other types of ovens and this will help you decrease your cooking time by 20%. However, there are several precautions that are to be considered when using microwave convection ovens. For instance, you will have to avoid using metal foils or cookware that can cause possible arcing right inside your microwave convection oven. Also, you will have to regulate your cooking time in order to reduce any possible over cooking. Next, you should keep in mind to use a damp cloth in order to wipe off all the foods before they get baked and start to stuck right to your oven walls.       

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