Kitchen Freestanding Ranges: Convenient and Efficient

A freestanding kitchen range is among the most powerful tools in your kitchen. When looking to purchase such an appliance for your kitchen, you should pay attention to the following things in order to make a wise decision and not waste your time and money.

  • First, when you look out for purchasing a kitchen freestanding range, you shouldn’t pay too much attention to its size, but to what it can do outside and inside. For instance, you should check the turntable before buying a particular range. The turntable is the device you can find inside the range compartment that ensures an even and efficient cooking on all sides of your food. The turntable is among the first things you should check up on when looking for a new range for your kitchen.

Self-Cleaning Freestanding Electric Range, Supplier: Whirlpool

  • Another thing you should consider is checking the interlock feature of the range you are planning to purchase. This interlock feature is used in order to make sure that the range door stays closed at all times and shuts down the appliance as soon as someone opens its door while the range is still heating. The interlock feature can be regarded as a sort of energy-saving function that will save money on your future energy bills and doubles as a genuine safety feature.

Electric ranges, Supplier: Samsung

  • Next, you should decide what type of freestanding range you are interested to have. For instance, you can go for a single or double range, according to your needs. The fuel supply of your future freestanding range is also to be considered – go for a range that uses fuels already available in your home. For instance, gas ranges are among the most popular conventional kitchen appliances. But you should know that such a gas range will heat your food only from the bottom and this could be a great thing if you are a very keen baker.

Freestanding Dual Fuel Range with 4 Sealed Gas Burners, Supplier: Dacor

  • On the other hand, electric ranges are more multi-functional – they are designed to heat food from top to bottom.They even come with a fan designed to evenly distribute all the hot air inside the cooking compartment thus providing exceptionally and quick heat up times. However, if you want to choose an electric freestanding range for your kitchen, you should pay attention to its energy rating. For instance, the more energy-efficient your electric freestanding range is, the less will cost you and the less energy you will waste.

Electric Freestanding Range with Wave-Touch™ Controls, Supplier: Electrolux

  • Another aspect you should consider when looking for a freestanding range is the time you will be spending on its regular cleaning. So, the self cleaning features may become one of the features that you should definitely try to look out for. For instance, you can choose a range that has pyrolitic functions or come with stay clean liners. A model that comes with stay clean liners will be provided with a special lining installed inside that will act as a sort of catalyst during cooking by burning off grease or burn on food. A pyrolitic cleaning range will heat up to a higher temperature of around 550° as soon as its special program is activated in order to turn grease or burns of foods to some ashes you can easily remove.
  • If you have very small children in house, you will also have to look for extra safety features in your freestanding range. Such safety features include safety locks in order to prevent children from opening the range while cooking and air cooled doors in order to make the outside surface of your freestanding range safer and cooler to touch.

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