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How Do I Clean My Oven?

If you forget about maintaining your oven clean on a regular basis, you may end up not wanting to eat foods cooked by such unclean kitchen appliance. Cleaning today has become an easy task mainly due to the existence of the self cleaning ovens. Such ovens are designed to start the cleaning process once they are turned on in the necessary clean mode. The cleaning process that happens in the interior of such a self cleaning oven starts by heating the interior compartment to about 900 degrees. In 2 hours time, all the spills, stains and grease that can be found inside the oven will be turned into gray ash.




Single Wall Convection Oven, Supplier: Dacor


When you clean your self cleaning oven, you will have to make sure that the racks are removed first and soaked in a warm solution of dish washing cleaner and water. Keep in mind that the clean mode timer will have to stay turned on for 3-5 hours and you will have to switch it off only after you have made sure that its door is still locked. You will also have to clean this door as well. Once you clean your oven, you will have to let it cool and then wipe out the collected ash by using a rag or a wet sponge. You can clean the inside of the oven door by using a piece of soft cloth and a kitchen cleaner.



Gas Oven, Supplier: Dacor 


However, you will have to pay attention to the oven seal that can be found around the door and clean this particular surface as well. After this, you should wipe the oven door once again by using a damp sponge. The outside of the door must be cleaned as well, together with the stove. For instance, if there are stove racks, you will have to remove them and have them soaked in a warm solution made from a dish washing cleaner and water. After you have these racks soaked for some time, you will have to clean and wipe each of them. Replace these oven racks in their respective places.

Here are some tips for you to follow when cleaning your oven (in case that your oven doesn’t have self cleaning features):

  • Start by soaking each of the oven racks in dishwasher cleaner and water. Then, use a stronger oven cleaner and some rubber gloves in order to clean the interior compartment. Spray the interior compartment with the oven cleaner and let it stand right there for 7-9 hours or overnight. 

  • Next, you will have to scrub the whole oven cavity in order to remove any traces of dirt or grease and wipe it clean by using a damp sponge or rag. In order to make things easier for you when cleaning your oven, you should consult the owner’s manual – this is recommended especially if you will be cleaning your oven for the first time.



Double Wall Oven, Supplier - Dacor

  • One of the best tips regarding the proper cleaning of your oven is to try and avoid letting your oven get too greasy and dirty. For instance, you can place some cookie sheets with foil under the rack you are planning to use for baking. This way, all the spills and drippings will fall right on this foil and the oven will stay clean. The only thing that you will have to do is to remove the stained foil soon after you baked. 

  • Another solution you may consider is using some non stick oven liners that can be used in order to serve the same purpose, namely to keep your oven surface clean. Keep in mind that if your baking spills on a regular basis, you should clean up the spills as soon as possible, before they dry. By following this tip, you will make your oven cleaning a lot easier and even less time consuming. With a regular oven cleaning, you can actually prolong the life of your oven.                 

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