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Gas vs Electric vs Steam ovens

Before you decide to purchase a specific type of oven for your kitchen, let’s explore the main benefits of electric, gas and steam fuel types in order for you to decide which of these three types of oven will do a better job for you.


  • Electric ovens are mainly known for their increase ease of use. They are also designed to provide an even cooking temperature throughout the entire cavity of the oven. Electric ovens also come with great features that include being fan assisted – the fan circulates the hot air around the entire appliance in order to ensure the greatest and even cooking temperatures.


 Electric Oven, Supplier: Samsung

  • On the other hand, gas ovens are well known for their ability to keep foods placed inside moist. They can also provide that brilliant and tasty crisping on top of almost every meal. For instance, keen bakers swear by a gas oven as bread and cake come out of it with an excellent lighter texture, being more delicious and moist than ever. A big plus of a gas oven is its instant control of cooking heat. This feature alone could convince many home owners that a gas oven is what they are looking for.


Electric Oven Stainless Steel, Supplier: Kuppersbusch

  • A modern gas oven comes with sealed burners designed to reduce the maintenance and cleanup as soon as a spill happens. Even if gas ovens were blamed for providing poor broiling performance and uneven heat, the latest designs have overcome these issues. Nowadays, the newest gas ovens come with dedicated broilers and even heat. Another important advantage provided by the gas ovens involves the main by-products of the gas consumption, namely water vapor and carbon dioxide. These by-products flow right through the gas oven right before starting to go out the flue.


Gas Wall Oven, Supplier: BlueStar

  • On the other hand, electric ovens are designed to bake by using a dry and direct heat that will produce drier baked foods and with a significantly reduced life after being taken out from the oven. Another general principle that you should take into account when trying to decide which type of oven is going to work best for you is the fact that the gas oven is likely to be more expensive when compared to the electric one but it is also much cheaper to run. An electric oven is cheaper but you will spend more money while running it. So, if you consider investing a significant part of your budget into a quality oven, you should try and choose a long-term purchase rather than going for a quicker fix that isn’t likely to serve you for a longer period of time.

  • On the other hand, a steam oven can provide you with a much healthier method to cook comparing to other traditional methods. A steam oven comes with unique benefits that include the precious preservation of minerals and vitamins in your cooked food and the fact that you will not have to add any extra and unhealthy fats in order to get a tastier meal. Cooking with a steam oven will ensure that your foods will stay succulent on their inside and crisp on their outside. In addition to obtaining a great and tasty texture, you will also manage to maintain the natural color of your cooked foods.

Steam Oven, Supplier: Gorenje

  • Another advantage provided by a steam oven is the fact that steam will isolate your food within the oven and you will be allowed to cook more than just one type of meal at a time. Steam ovens come with safety features such triple glazed doors and child safety locks in order to prevent accidents. They also come with programmable timers in order for you to make sure you stick to the right cooking program and multi-functional features such as slow defrost or cook and rotisserie in order to make your cooking experience easier than ever. 

Steam Oven, Supplier: Neff

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