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Ductless Range Hoods: Are They Right for My Kitchen?

The kitchen range hoods are among the most important appliances, even if they are not given the necessary attention and importance. Basically, every range hood contains a specific blower that is surrounded by a special cover designed to capture and remove all the pollutants produced while cooking.  Kitchen range hoods are already available in different styles, shapes and designs on the current market. But regardless of their size, shape and design, each of these range hoods were designed to have the same primary function, namely to keep your kitchen air clean.



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The basic difference when comparing a ductless range with other conventional range hoods is that the former doesn’t contain any duct. The air will be drawn up right into the hood installed above the stove and it will be passed through a filter and pushed right back out the top of the kitchen hood.  Basically, its efficiency will depend on the foods you will be cooking; for instance, the odors will be filtered again and again in order to minimize and completely remove every trace of unpleasant smells.  


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Cooking creates plenty of pollutants in your kitchen air. These pollutants can even cause serious health problems unless you do something about it. A ductless hood can address the matter due to its ability to filter and reduce all the odors in your kitchen when you are cooking. However, you should pay attention to the differences that can be found in the case of every style of range hood. A ductless range hood is among the most important kitchen tools and you will have to make sure that this tool provides both comfort and security in your kitchen. For instance, the ductless range hood styles vary from the more conventional and basic wall-mounted items to the ductless hoods that are designed to come with easy to clean surfaces, timer and lights settings.



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A ductless hood is really efficient when it comes to reducing the steam and vapors coming from the kitchen oven when you are cooking. For instance, a ductless range hood can be extremely helpful during wintertime because all the excess humidity coming from your cooking will be absorbed by this tool from your kitchen.  A ductless hood is also easy to replace. For instance, due to a relatively low cost, you will easily find more colors and designs that can match your current kitchen design. The installation of a ductless hood is also a very easy process to handle. All you will have to do is to give the necessary electricity connection and fit the necessary screws. You can do this job all by yourself or you can have someone else replace your older and already worn out ductless hood system.



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 If you are planning to remodel or renovate your kitchen space and include your ductless range hood in your plans (by having it replaced), one of the most significant problems you are very likely to come across is  trying to refit the new ductless range hood right into your old kitchen design. Actually, this is one of the most common problems the homeowners face because older houses are not likely to have the necessary exhaust system that makes a modern range hood work.    

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