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5 stylish freestanding kitchen ovens

Freestanding kitchen ovens are great in any home. They offer a cook top which is either gas burners or electric. If space is an issue, freestanding ovens come in a range of sizes to suit your needs.



This style of oven is made by AEG and has double cooking cavities which includes a rotisserie and grill. It also has a glass heat panel style cook top. Retails at £809.81.

Bosch Oven

Create a professional kitchen space in your own home with this Bosch Dual Fuel Range Cooker. It is freestanding with a large oven cavity with enough room for all your roasts and cakes. The burner cook top gives it a commercial kitchen feel. Retailing from US$1400 (keep your eye out for second hand ones, as these are very durable).


Nardi specialize in stainless steel appliances. They have 90cm or 60cm freestanding ovens to choose from. Both come with large oven cavities and gas burner top, however this oven comes with an electric grill. Prices start at US$3200.

Fisher and Paykel

This freestanding oven offers a stainless steel finish with some black highlights in its design. We love the clean lines. Designed by Fisher and Paykel, it offers a gas burner stove with large cavity oven. See your local stockists for prices.


The AGA. Inspired from days gone by, its style cannot be matched. They range from 2 door to 5 door ovens, a space for each dish as it can bake, broil, steam, stir fry, roast and boil all at the same time. This one is priced at US $5,979.00, however it depends on the size you require.


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