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4 Creative Range Hoods

Traditionally range hoods are something that function only to extract steam, smoke and smells from the air in your kitchen (along with shedding a little light on your cooking). You, like most people are probably not "thinking outside the fan" -  We've discovered a few ‘designer’ range hoods that will stand out as a creative feature in just about any kitchen.



Falmec has designed both these range hoods. They come in two versions; the round or square. There are ten patterns to choose from although there is the option of custom design. The decorative casing around the range hood is a heat safe glass. We have sourced one on ebay for £700.00.


Created by Elica this range hood looks like an over sized pendant above your stove. It's not just a pretty face -  it's also 35% quieter than most other range hoods. POA.


Another creative range hood by Elica. It is called the light cube and it is also 35% quieter than most other range hoods. Price is unavailable, as they are new to the market (or maybe just ridiculously expensive!).

Plummer's warhol rangehood
This Andy Warhol inspired range hood is about as unique as range hoods come. Christopher Plummer, who is an artist, designed this range hood casing and apparently makes many others. Painting rangehoods for a living has to be about niche as you get. There is no price available for this range hood. Contact the artist for more info.

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