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Wall ovens getting a raise
Gaggenau Lift Oven

You would be forgiven for thinking this wall oven was a breast imaging machine if you didn't see it in context. This creative concept by Gaggenau has completely changed the way in which we (might) use an oven. No more tempting fate as you reach into a hot oven to test the muffins at the back! You just lift the top of the oven and prod the food as much as you like.

The 24-inch oven uses its LiftMatic function to raise and lower the glass ceramic base. The company claims that this oven actually reduces heat loss when you open the oven (since heat rises into the oven, instead of out into the room).

Built to sit inside top cabinets or on kitchen walls, the oven offers 11 heating methods and has a stainless-steel-tinted glass front. The lift oven has been available since July 2007.

Lift Oven

Lift Oven

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