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Original Circle Kitchen - The Perfect Choice for a Small Kitchen  E-mail

Nowadays, when people’s needs are so diverse, when the trend is to streamline everything, small spaces are no longer a problem for interior design. If the area designated to the kitchen is not too spacious, you must find the most appropriate ways of arranging the furniture, placing the light sources and efficiently manage the storage space, so as to avoid the impression of crowding and clutter.

Young and talented designers have conceived optimum solutions for interior designs. One of the most amazing solutions for small kitchens belongs to the German designer Alfred Averbeck from Compact Concepts and it’s called Circle Kitchens.

This stunning idea combines current concepts: compaction, miniaturization and the perfect geometry of the circle, combined with high technology. The mini Circular kitchen fits any apartment, but is a good choice for hotel rooms, vacation homes, offices, or just for anyone who loves this concept.



The facilities are at the highest level, this kitchen including everything that is required in a classic kitchen: round stainless steel sink, Power and water supply installation kit, drawers with or without doors, vertical Powerdock, lightning set, electrical kit, countertop, dish washer, stove, microwave, sink, fridge, garbage container, etc.

The storage capacity can reach up to an equivalent of 12 regular kitchen cabinets. There are many variants of models and colours available for this concept, and depending on the chosen model and related facilities the price may vary between 6000 and 15.000 euro.

All this is possible because the ensemble has the ability to rotate with 180 degrees, providing all the facilities of a traditional kitchen. The model is based on the concept of "room inside the room”, allowing the assembly to be positioned independently, where space allows it.



On demand, a narrow dinner table shaped like a circle sector can be attached.

The customized version has two side cabinets attached and sealed closing system with sliding doors.

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