Ceramic Kitchen Sinks: A Dependable and Cheaper Alternative

If you are planning to redecorate or renovate your kitchen, then a ceramic sink would be a nice complement to your plans. Ceramic kitchen sinks are beautiful, durable and dependable. Also, their finish is easy to clean and care. For instance, with a ceramic sink in your kitchens space, you will not have to worry when it comes to stains and deep-seated dirt on your sink. Ceramic sinks come with a glazed glass surface that makes almost impossible for any stains and dirt to be absorbed into their surface. In order to clean your ceramic kitchen sink, all you will have to do is to use a soft cloth or sponge plus some ordinary kitchen detergent – with few wipes, the ceramic sink will become hygienic and sparkling clean. Just keep in mind that you must use a clean cloth/sponge since a dirty one will spread germs on the surface of your sink.


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Ceramic Kitchen Sink by Duravit


Ceramic kitchen sinks are designed to have a great resistance to scratches and heat. For instance, in any busy kitchen space, hot pans and pots are common and the possibility of spilled hot water or oil exists. But if you go for a ceramic kitchen sink, you can forget about all these worries – you will not have to worry about all the possible blisters or cracks on your kitchen sink that can be caused by direct contact with hot items. A ceramic kitchen sink is built to be highly resistant to almost every heat shock. Ceramic sinks are already available in a wide range of designs and colors that keep up with the latest trends in kitchen design. Additionally, they are easier on the budget when compared to kitchen sinks made of other materials. Ceramic sinks are reasonably priced – they are affordable on smaller budgets too.


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Ceramic Kitchen Sink by Franke


However, despite their strength and durability, ceramic kitchen sinks can run some risks of getting broken overtime. For instance, damage can result when a ceramic sink is struck by heavy objects. Also, damage can occur due to the daily wear and tear. Even if ceramic kitchen sinks are not as easy to fix as the sinks made of other materials, you can follow these steps and repair your ceramic kitchen sink without having to spend a fortune. The things you need in order to do this include a dry cloth, good quality white putty that has a texture similar to the ceramic used for your kitchen sink and a drill machine. Start by surveying the existing crack in order to find out whether it’s wide enough.

For instance, if the crack is too slight, you should make it larger by using the drilling machine – just drill its edges in order to get a superior grip and better friction. Next, you will have to apply the putty – mix the putty in the proper way before you start using it on the crack. Make sure that you fill the sink crack completely and smooth the surface in order to resemble the rest of your ceramic sink. Remove all the extra plastering and allow it to dry up, then smooth the crack surface again by using a damp cloth. Leave it for a few hours in order for the putty to dry. Once completely dry, make the surface even by using a dry cloth. Remember not to pour any water in your ceramic sink in the meantime.

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