Under Cabinet Lighting

Even if the kitchen is among the most used and well equipped rooms in a home, the real problem with this space may be its lack of adequate equipment when it comes to lighting up all the food preparation and cooking that takes place in here. So, you should think about installing lights that can erase the unwanted shadows and light up your cooking areas. For instance, many kitchen cabinets are likely to cast unwanted shadows on a kitchen counter top. In this case, you will find cooking more difficult unless you choose to install efficient under cabinet lighting that can turn out to be extremely useful when dealing with increased shadows.

There are several methods means for you to use in order to make things easier when working in your kitchen. For instance, you can purchase kitchen cabinets that are already pre-fitted with the necessary lights or you can have such lighting installed after you have purchased the kitchen cabinets. Under cabinet lighting is designed to use low-voltage bulbs in order to make every task safer and easier by providing every specific area with directed light. Actually, under cabinet lighting can provide you with two important functions in your kitchen. One, it can provide the necessary task lighting for your counter top food preparation. Second, it can provide accent lighting that can highlight your back splash or kitchen counter top.

Even if under cabinet lighting is extremely useful in many places, we will focus only on the benefits provided to the kitchen space.

  • First, under cabinet lighting is extremely energy efficient. Under cabinet lighting can eliminate the constant need to light up the entire kitchen. Under cabinet lighting uses energy efficient bulbs and you will get the chance to choose from a wide range of light bulbs – halogen, fluorescent, xenon or LED bulbs in order to light up your kitchen cabinets.

One LIght 8" Halogen Undercabinet

  • Under cabinet lighting can eliminate all the unwanted shadows that are usually created by overhead ceiling lighting and kitchen wall cabinets. When properly spaced, under cabinet lighting will eliminate all the dark shadows on the kitchen counter top. For instance, if you want to eliminate the shadows, all you will have to do is to install just one under cabinet light for every 30 inches of your kitchen counter top.

Three Light Xenon Undercabinet
Supplier - SeaGullLighting

  • Under cabinet lighting will add distinction and unique style to your space. For instance, many counter tops are made from marble or granite. A quality under cabinet lighting will make such a counter top shine even more.
  • Under cabinet lights require just a simple installation and you will not have to be a rocket scientist in order to install them all by yourself. But if you aren't confident in your skills, you can hire a professional to have them installed in just a couple of hours.

There are many types of such under cabinet lighting that include linear lights, puck lights or strip lights. Strip lights are rectangular shaped fixtures that work well with some fluorescent bulbs. You should use such lights if you want to provide your kitchen with quality diffused light. Puck lights are round fixtures that are best for trying to highlight your kitchen back splash or counter top. Such fixtures go well with xenon and halogen bulbs and LEDs. They can even be recessed into a kitchen cabinet. Linear lights usually work with fluorescent bulbs and they seem to be the most popular type of under cabinet lighting mainly because they are quite thin and they can be easily concealed right behind the cabinet trim.


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