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Recessed Kitchen Lighting

When it comes to kitchen lighting, you should include recessed lights in your plan because such lights can enhance the features of your kitchen and provide more versatile lighting in order to meet all your needs. However, when planning to have recessed lighting installed in your kitchen, you should pay attention to the following tips in order to achieve the best results. As their name indicates, recessed lights are fixtures recessed right into ceiling or wall. This way, they become less obtrusive when compared to other types of kitchen lights.

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  • A recessed lighting fixture has three main parts: its housing, its trim and its lamp. The trim is the most important part of the recessed lighting fixture because its design will determine the focus and brightness of the light you are going to have in your kitchen. So, you will have to take into account the fact that recessed lighting will require the installation of some hidden wires. This means that extra work will be required when installing recessed lights in your kitchen.
Low Voltage Adjustable Angle Recessed Light
  • Another factor you should consider when planning your future kitchen recessed lighting is trying to figure out where the recessed lights will go. For instance, it’s a wise idea to map up your kitchen way ahead of time and take a closer look at the exact function of every area of your kitchen. By planning everything, you will be able to determine the exact type of recessed lights you need for each of your kitchen areas. For instance, you should go for ambient lighting if you want to brighten the general purpose areas. If you want to have proper light in the areas where more actions isfocused, you should go for task lighting.

Lightolier 5" Line White Baffle Recessed Light
  • Keep in mind that you should place just 1 recessed lighting fixture for every 5 to 6 square feet of your ceiling in order to provide your kitchen with an even lighting effect.


  • You will also have to pay close attention to the switches you want to have in your kitchen in order to make best use of your recessed lighting. For instance, you can have a dimmer switch installed in order to provide general lighting. This switch should be placed right in the center of your kitchen space because this way you will manage to control the whole lighting in this area. The individual switches should be used in order to control the level of light in various task areas that include the counter top, stove or sink.


Recessed lighting has become one of the most popular fixtures in a modern kitchen and the various designs and models available on the current market will allow refraction, light augmentation, controlling the brightness and glare and so on. Recessed lighting will provide you with the flexibility you need once you learn how to install it in your kitchen. The housing of a recessed lighting fixture will control the exact amount of voltage that is going to be used by its lamp. Housing varies in voltage and you should try and check each of them in order to find out which is going to work best in your kitchen.

The trim of the recessed lighting fixture is the one that controls the exact amount of light that will be released into your kitchen. Nowadays, the standard baffles that most of these trims are blank or in color white. This standard was established because these particular colors can absorb all the extra light that is released from the recessed lamp thus providing your kitchen with comfort and over-all quality. In most cases, such recessed lighting is used in the side areas of a kitchen. For instance, it can be installed right underneath a hanging cabinet, above a kitchen sink, on the dining table or inside a storage area. However, you should make a point that the placement of such recessed lighting must be directly above your work area in order to avoid the appearance of unnecessary shadows.       

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