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Tips on Choosing the Best Kitchen Flooring

Kitchen flooring is becoming one of the most important decision makers in decorating a kitchen. For instance, many modern homes are being built by paying attention to the kitchen flooring as a center focal point. Your decision to choose a particular style of kitchen flooring over another can effect the overall and genuine feeling of your home. As kitchen tends to to become a very important space in a house, so is its flooring.


  • In choosing the proper kitchen flooring, you will have to consider the traffic your flooring will have to endure.

  • You will also have to think about how much you will have to work in order to keep your kitchen flooring clean. Fortunately, today’s choices are likely to be quite clean friendly and you will not have to spend too much time on cleaning and maintaining your kitchen flooring. You will not have to wax or polish your kitchen flooring, even if you want to go for a hardwood kitchen flooring. Most of the kitchen flooring types available on the current market already have a lasting shine. All you will have to do is to wet mop the kitchen flooring in order to have it cleaned.

  • Other facts you should consider when looking for the proper kitchen flooring include the number of hours you are planning to spend in this space and whether you will have children or pets running all day long in your kitchen. For instance, if you will spend many hours cooking in this space, you should go for a surface that is designed to have some cushion to it in order to make things easier for your legs. Carpet, vinyl and even a common linoleum kitchen flooring can do a good job in order to assure the comfort factor.

  • If you have pets or children running in your kitchen on a regular basis , you will have to go for a very durable flooring surface. For instance, you should go for laminated flooring because such a flooring is extremely durable and stylish and it can endure higher traffic.

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  • Elderly cautions should be taken as well, especially if you have plenty of visitors who are older. In this case, you should avoid a kitchen flooring that may become too slippery. For instance, almost any type of kitchen flooring that needs to be waxed on a constant basis or the hard or marble surfaces may become slippery as well.

When you are planning to remodel your kitchen, you should choose the kitchen flooring based on aspects that include your color pallets, your budget and the overall theme of your kitchen. Some of the most common choices will include bamboo, ceramic tile, linoleum or laminate wood flooring.



Linoleum Flooring, Supplier - Armstrong


If you are looking for a cost-effective flooring option, you should go for the linoleum flooring. Such flooring may come in tiles or sheets. If you choose to buy linoleum in a sheet form, you will have to use a linoleum roller and a flooring adhesive in order to have it installed. If you go for the linoleum tiles, you will also need scissors in order to install this kitchen floor.



Laminate Flooring, Supplier - Shaw


Laminate wood flooring is another affordable option you may consider for your kitchen. It comes in a wide variety of finishes and wood styles and it can provide you with a more water resistant and durable surface in your kitchen.



Laminate Flooring, Supplier - Shaw


Bamboo flooring is another option you can use in order to remodel your kitchen. Bamboo is among the best products to be used because it can be replenished in 4 or 5 years, is less expensive when compared to hardwood flooring or ceramic tiles and it looks great as well. Bamboo flooring is among the very durable flooring products because it is resistant to scratches and gauges.



Bamboo Flooring, Supplier - Bamboo Direct

Your final flooring option would be ceramic tile. Ceramic tile flooring comes in various patterns, colors and sizes. Such a flooring can create a rather expensive look, especially because it can be designed in order to match a wide range of color pallets. However, the real drawback when it comes to using ceramic tile flooring is that this surface can be easily damaged, cracked or chipped if you drag something across it or drop something on it.    



Ceramic Tile Flooring, Supplier - Crossville

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