Kitchen Design and Appliances: The Latest Trends

As the kitchen space is one of the most important hubs of activity in any home, the appliances used in this place should provide enhanced functionality and durability. Current trends in kitchen appliances are focused on high-end appliances such as the one made from stainless steel. Stainless steel dishwashers, refrigerators and pro-style ranges are among the most popular kitchen appliances due to their performance and professional look that guarantee gourmet cooking in any modern kitchen space. Another major trend in kitchen appliances has been focused on appliances that come with an integrated look. Such appliances are designed to be camouflaged within kitchen cabinetry.


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Kitchen Design by Pedini

Cabinet panels and fronts are used for dishwasher and refrigerator fronts in order to create a custom and high-end look that can work both in a smaller and a larger kitchen space. Also, cabinets can be designed to hidden various kitchen appliances such as ice makers and trash compactors. The main advantage brought by this type of paneling is the fact that your kitchen will not have to be designed only around your dishwasher or refrigerator. Plus, the current trend in such integrated look for modern kitchen appliances is likely to get bigger and bigger especially in the case of microwaves and warming drawers. For instance, manufacturers worldwide are already designing refrigerators made to look just like kitchen cabinets.


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Kitchen Design by Rational

Even ventilation hoods are planned to be concealed by using special paneling. Another interesting trend in modern kitchen appliances is the so-called appliance garage. Such appliance garage can be built in your kitchen cupboard and provide you with extra storage space for all your smaller kitchen appliances that may include blenders, toasters or even food processors. Easy access is guaranteed in the case of such appliance garage. In fact, this garage is already seen as a must when it comes to decorating any modern and highly efficient kitchen space.


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Kitchen Island by ToyoKitchen

Standard kitchen appliances are already designed with futuristic shapes – for instance, you can find refrigerators that come with sculpted edges, curves, pear shapes to their bottom or rounded tops. As for cook tops, manufacturers have already come up with the highly popular induction cook tops. Such modern coking appliances provide innovations and high-temperature cooking features that use electromagnetic energy to offer faster heating times. Plus, less energy is used in the case of induction cook tops when compared to electric and gas cook tops.

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