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Picking the Right Kitchen Chairs

Obviously your chairs are going to have to match your table, and vice versa. And the table and chairs will need to match the rest of your kitchen decor. But there's still a large amount of flexibility in terms of the chairs you can choose for your kitchen. Here we examine quality and materials.

Picking a Quality Chair

When you're checking out chairs at the shop, make sure you sit in anything you're planning to buy for a solid period of time. This way you can determine whether it's really going to be comfortable enough for you to sit on every day.

You also need to check out the construction of the chair. Turn it upside down and check it out - if it's made from timber, do the joins look solid or flimsy? If it's welded, has it been done properly? Most probably you want furniture that's going to last for at least a few years, so check it out thoroughly before you part with your cash.

Kitchen Chair Materials

Kitchen chairs will generally be made from either wood, plastic, a type of metal or a combination of these materials.

Wooden chairs are the most popular choice and have a number of advantages. Depending on the type of timber, wooden chairs can look great in both country-style and modern kitchens. Wood is easy to keep clean and generally sturdy, although some cheaper chairs may be liable to break after heavy use. Of course, properly treated chairs will repel liquids and won't take on stains easily.

There is a huge range of plastic chairs on the market. Discount shops will stock budget fold-out plastic chairs with rickety metal frames that are neither comfortable nor durable. But if you're only going to be somewhere for a short time and don't really care about these things, they could be your best bet.

At the other end of the spectrum with plastic you'll find very cool designer chairs made from moulded plastic. While these won't suit your country-style kitchens, they do look fantastic in a modern setting.  A well-made moulded plastic chair will last as long as a wooden chair and is even easier to clean.

Chair Size

If you've already chosen your table, make sure you accurately measure the space underneath it and work out how much room you'll need to comfortably fit your legs underneath. You don't want to buy chairs that are too high or too low for this space. Too high, and you'll be losing circulation in your legs from jamming them against the edge. Too low, and you'll be at eye-level with the table, looking like a bunch of circus freaks at dinner time.

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