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Mistakes to avoid when looking for a kitchen design

Kitchen design is a quite complex procedure and you will need to take your time in order to plan each of your moves in a careful way. Unfortunately, when it comes to kitchen design, many house owners make the same mistakes over and over. Here are some of these mistakes.

Planning everything too much - even if creating your new kitchen design is likely to be an awesome adventure, you may feel tempted to pay attention to each of the ideas that are flying around your head. For instance, you may think too much about the amazing gadgets or kitchen appliances you want to include in your new kitchen design. You may also get carried away with all the available luxuries and end up by forgetting about the genuine basics. So, you will have to make sure that you have thought about all the necessary and primary kitchen appliances. Think about their position in your kitchen too in order to come up with an efficient kitchen design. Getting your sink, fridge and cooker in the right place is likely to form the necessary basis upon which you can build up the rest of your kitchen design. Check one of the coolest kitchen designs out at Ernestomeda.




Planning too little is another common mistake made by many house owners. Many house owners opt for having a minimalist kitchen design that will have almost nothing to show. By choosing an uninspiring and minimalist kitchen design, you may end up with a very uninviting and cold space. So, if you want to go for a minimalist kitchen design, you should go for warm colors that are likely to light up the whole space and provide a more pleasant and homey atmosphere.

Too much storage place or not enough storage place is another mistake – for instance, you shouldn't plan just for draws and cupboards without considering the exact free kitchen space you are going to need. So, you should do your best and take stock of everything in order to visualize the exact place where you are going to store different things in order to avoid  kitchen clutter. By imagining everything right from the start, you will ensure the right storage in the kitchen space and you will not end up by having pans and pots all over the place.




Ignoring the light is a costly mistake as well. Keep in mind that there are just 2 factors that can break or make your future kitchen design – the use of lighting and space. You must not ignore the important issue of lighting. For instance, you can go and ask a professional and she or he will tell you that getting the right level of artificial and natural light into your kitchen space is imperative when planning to create a successful design or layout. Check the above lighting design out at Alessi.

Not paying attention to the future work triangle can affect your kitchen design as well. For instance, if you are planning to have a kitchen island incorporated , you will have to make sure that these kitchen appliance will not impede your work triangle. Keep in mind that the traffic flow between your sink, refrigerator and cook top must not be blocked by your kitchen island.

Not making sure that you have left enough space between your kitchen cabinets – this mistake must be avoided as well. Keep in mind that the minimum recommended space between your kitchen cabinets or between them and a kitchen island is 39". If you not consider this important rule, you may end up feeling extremely uncomfortable and constrained.                 

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