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Kitchen island ideas

Apart from its increased practicality, a kitchen island will transform the architectural aspect and atmosphere of your kitchen space. With a quality kitchen island, you will be able to create a really amiable space for your informal social gatherings and for your cooking. Actually, there are no limits when it comes to the way a kitchen island can look like or function. For instance, a basic island will include a flat surface that functions as a work area and a storage space. But even for such a basic kitchen island, you will get several choices to make – for instance, the materials from which the island is made and the storage space type.

You can go for a kitchen island that is designed as a cart with wheels – such portable islands are perfect for smaller kitchen spaces and they are highly convenient. But once you have the necessary space, you can add even more spectacular features and make your kitchen island more elaborate. The counter top can come with multi-level areas or with a simple flat surface that includes a sink and a separate space in order to prepare food. Even if its design is quite simple, a flat area can be multi-functional and you can use it in order to chop vegetables or roll out dough.

If you choose a multi-level island, you will be able to add wine racks, extra shelves, pull-out bins, sinks or even mini-refrigerators. Also, you can add some electrical outlets such as grinders, mixers or any other kitchen equipment that can help you when cooking your meals. Lack of adequate space seems to be the real bane for the vast majority of modern-day kitchens. A well chosen kitchen island can be a wise attempt to make your kitchen space more organized and efficient. Check out for more trendy kitchen islands at GeD Cucine.




Whether stylish and strong granite islands or high-quality kitchen carts, a kitchen island can provide you with a quite spectacular array of choices you can use in order to make a small kitchen space sizzle beyond your imagination. However, before choosing a particular style of kitchen island, you will have to make sure that the new item is what you really need. Here are some ideas for you to follow in order to make sure that you will choose the right kitchen island for your space.


  • Start by making sure that your kitchen space is big enough in order to accommodate a kitchen island right in its center. For instance, a G, U or L-shaped kitchen will be the perfect host for such kitchen islands. But if your kitchen space is smaller, you should consider investing in a portable butcher’s block or food cart instead. Check out for more portable kitchen islands at Gunni.


  • If the kitchen island holds a cook top, you will not want strong odors, steam or smoke to blight your cooking experiences. So, you should go for an overhead ventilation hood.

  • You will also have to make sure that all the other kitchen accessories are placed in very close proximity to your kitchen sink. If your pans and pots are too large, you will have to get a deeper kitchen sink right within your island. Also, you can consider having a second sink installed within your kitchen island. Check out for more kitchen island designs at Ernestomeda.


  • Adequate counter top space must be allowed on both sides of the kitchen island. For instance, you should allow at least 16 inches of free space on each side of the kitchen island. You can also go for a rounded kitchen counter top in order to protect yourself from possible bruises.

  • Next, you should maximize natural lighting by trying to have skylights or large windows. Keep all the kitchen wall surfaces very light in color in order to reflect the natural daylight. If you go for a custom kitchen island, you may use recessed or pendant fixtures in order to direct the necessary light right onto your kitchen island.

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