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Kitchen Furniture Accessories

After your basic kitchen furniture has been bought, it's time to think of what type of accessories to buy. There are plenty of products on the market to make the most of your kitchen tables and chairs. In this article we'll go through some of the extras that make kitchen furniture come to life.

Extras for Kitchen Tables

- Tablecloths: You could opt for two tablecloths - one for regular use and one for special occasions. The type of tablecloth you buy will depend on your plans for using it, and the shape of your table. There are four basic shapes  - square, round, rectangular and oval. You'll want to make sure that you have a minimum drop (the amount of cloth overhanging the table on each side) of around 20cm, but 30cm is more usual, and on more formal dining occasions you may want the drop to extend further than this. There is a massive array of designs and materials on the market - again, your choice will be determined by both your plans for the tablecloth and the type of décor that you have in your house. It may seem an obvious point, but make sure that whatever you choose fits in with your overall look.

- Placemats: If you've got a table surface that you want to show off, but still want to protect, placemats make a good alternative to a table cloth. Again, there is a huge array of placemats on the market - everything from Japanese-style bamboo to heavily ornamental European designs. Try to match the placemats to your kitchen's design.

- Candle holders: Candles are a great option for adding to the romance of a kitchen table. Tea-light candles are a popular choice these days - they don't leave a mess and put out a soft, pleasant light. But if you're looking to make an impact, a more ornamental candle holder mounted with striking red candles can add a dramatic touch to your kitchen.

Extras for Kitchen Chairs

- Cushions: If you bought solid timber chairs, you may want to purchase some cushions so that your guests have an easier time sitting through a whole dinner. Cushions on timber chairs are particularly popular in country-style kitchens - the cushions will often sport floral designs and will have ties so they can be properly secured on the seats.

-  Floor protectors: Over time, chair legs can inflict a considerable toll on kitchen floors. To combat this a set of feet grippers for each chair could be the answer. Made from soft materials such as felt, these guard against scratching and denting - an outlay of a few dollars could save you considerable amounts in terms of wear and tear down the track.

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