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Choose the Right Table for Your Kitchen

The kitchen table is usually a focal point in any fair-sized kitchen. Whether big or small, kitchen tables provide space for eating, drinking and socialising, and play a pivotal role family life. The style of table you choose will help determine the look and feel of your kitchen. Here we cover some of the basic steps to choosing a kitchen table.

What Material Should I Use?

As with kitchen benches, tables come in a variety of materials. The most common materials are various types of timber, which are versatile, hardy and easy on the eye. In classic and country-style kitchens, wooden tables are a must - try oak or cherry for the perfect effect.

Wood can also work well in modern-style kitchens, but there are other materials available too. Stainless steel tables are sleek and tough. They work perfectly in minimalist and modern settings and are easy to clean. The right type of plastic moulded furniture can also be very hip in these types of settings, and while it may not be as tough as stainless steel, plastic is certainly very easy to clean.

How Big Should My Kitchen Table Be?

You need to leave enough room in your kitchen to be able to cook effectively, so make sure that you don't choose a table that cramps your style. In particular, make sure that any table you choose is not going to cut through your kitchen's work triangle - the space between the refrigerator, sink and oven.

If you're short on space, there are still options available. Folding-leaf tables allow you to extend your table space when necessary. These tables have extra length attached to hinges at one or two edges - these can be opened out when guests are coming be, and folded back when space is a priority.

Make sure that you take the size of seats into account when you're planning your purchase. Seats with arm rests take up more room than those without.

What Shape Should I Choose?

In many cases the answer to this depends on your personal preference, particularly if you have plenty of room to play with. But experts recommend creating paper cut-outs in square, rectangle, circular and oval shapes and seeing how they will fit into your kitchen. Again, make sure you take seating configurations into account when deciding on the shape that will best fit your kitchen. Also keep in mind that there are folding-leaf tables that change shape when extended - this can help you make the most of the space that you have.

Think Carefully

Your kitchen table will play a pivotal role in the way your house runs, so make sure you think carefully before making a decision. We recommend speaking to an expert about the space you have available to accurately gauge your options. If you can't afford to speak to an interior designer, many furniture and design shops provide free consultations to help you determine the best configuration possible for your room.

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