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New Hardware for Kitchen Cabinets Equals Instant Gratification

Whether you are purchasing new kitchen cabinets or upgrading old ones, nothing can give an immediate lift like good kitchen cabinet hardware.  It is one of those little things that make or break a kitchen by making the cabinets either classy looking or outdated.   Kitchen cabinet hardware can add to the ease of how well a kitchen functions.

Kitchen hardware can mean many different things from nails and screws to glides and metal storage baskets, but it is generally meant to be hinges and pulls.  It is what you see on the outside of the cabinets that give them that extra wow factor.



It is not unusual for a homeowner to order new cabinets and then switch out the hardware in order to achieve that “just right” look.

The first step is to do some in depth research on different kinds of kitchen cabinet hardware.  Not only look at different prices, but look at different levels of quality and types of styles.  If you want to know what is really going to look good in your kitchen, test out a couple of interesting and different types of cabinet hardware.  Buy just one of what catches your eye and tape it to the cabinet to see how it looks and feels. Try different materials, colors and sizes. The locations to mount cabinet hardware usually remain the same but locations can be changed too. You can always reuse the existing holes.  You may end up with a big box of drawer knobs and door hinges but the extra effort will be well worth it.
Hinges for Kitchen Cabinets
If you have frameless kitchen cabinets, you can use concealed hinges. These hinges are completely out of sight when the doors are closed. They work on moving pivots that snap into place very much like ski bindings. This type of hinge is particularly good for kitchen cabinet doors that are difficult to shut or if the entire kitchen is a little crooked. They work well on cabinet shelves and larger cabinet doors that require adjusting. You may also be able to find concealed hinges for face-frame cabinets.

In addition, you can also choose a semi-concealed or an ornate exposed hinge for face frame kitchen cabinets.  

Pulls for Kitchen Cabinets
There is such a wide array of materials and designs to choose from when selecting kitchen cabinet pulls, one must be careful to select a style that works best for your particular situation.  Cabinet pulls are made of all sorts of materials from plastics, woods, metals and ceramics to name a few. Pulls may be round, button-type, painted, or intricately carved fine wood. You can find them in an assortment of shapes from the classical knob and pull to whimsical designs.  

You can take that look a step further by having the kitchen cabinet hardware match other appliances and accessories in the kitchen.  Sometimes designers don’t use pulls at all if the cabinet style is ultra-contemporary.  Doors can be opened with fingers if the cabinet doors are beveled correctly. They can also have catches installed to the inside of the cabinet door.  

Cup hinges aren't as readily available; you'll find the largest selection in mail-order woodworking catalogs. When ordering them, you must know the door thickness, the distance that the door overlays the face frame and how far you want the door to open. You must also purchase a special mortising drill bit (usually 35mm diameter). The main considerations for selecting kitchen cabinet pulls should be: they are easy to hold, the weight and proportions are harmonious with the door or drawer and they should blend or match the cabinet style.


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