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Kitchen Cabinet Drawer Glides are Important

Regardless of how beautiful kitchen cabinets may look in the showroom, their appeal will quickly wane if the kitchen cabinet drawer glides are of poor quality.  While you are shopping in the showroom, test out the cabinet glides for yourself.  See how easily the drawers will pull in and out.  Do they make a bumping noise or do they slide quietly?  Do they tilt down or become stuck when you try to open them?  Are the drawers full extension or do they make access harder by sliding only partially out?  Do they come all of the way out?  Imagine spilling all of your silverware in the floor?

Different Types of Glides for Kitchen Cabinets

 Glides are made from steel or more recently, polymer.  These glides slide on either ball bearings or nylon rollers.  The more expensive glides will permit the drawer to go full extension.  There is certainly nothing wrong with three-quarter extension glides and this option can be a practical option for the homeowner.  Glides also have bumpers to prevent the drawer from hitting the back of the cabinet.  Self closing drawers are found in the higher end market.  It is important to check out how much weight the glide can support.    

Ways to Mount Glides onto Kitchen Cabinets
There three types of ways to mount glides for kitchen cabinets.¬† The face ‚Äďframe cabinets use only a bottom mount type of glide.¬† Rollers are installed to the face-frame to avoid tipping when the drawer is opened.¬† Other glides may be mounted side or corner. ¬†

The better kitchen cabinet manufacturers now offer a wide choice of drawer glides as well as hinge types. Some will never rust or become rough.

Keep in mind that full extension drawer glides can make your life easier by extending full-way.  Full extension glides on cabinets makes it easier to find what you are looking for and they are easier to reach for cleaning.  Without full extension glides, a lot of space is usually wasted.   Full extension glides help keep your pots and pans organized and prevents you from continually be bending over to find something.  Sometimes, it is possible to upgrade old cabinets by adding glides yourself.

Other features to research might include glides mounted on an epoxy coated steel rack.  
Additional innovative features to become acquainted with include feather-touch closing and shock absorbing closing.

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