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Timber Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets made from a variety of timbers are a classic option and remain extremely popular with renovators. Timber is durable and looks great in the right setting, whether in a rustic country-style kitchen or an elegant modern room. But it's not possible to speak about wooden kitchen cabinets in general, as each type has its own characteristics and can be transformed to suit various styles. So let's take a look at a variety of timber kitchen cabinet types in more detail. 

Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Oak remains most popular material for use in kitchen cabinets. It is heavy and durable, making it perfect for chefs who intend to deal some damage. It comes in a wide range of colours and has a strong, distinctive grain that's full of character. Because of this it tends to give cabinets a rustic feel, it is most often used in kitchens that have a traditional or country theme.  

Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

Light, strong and durable, cherry is a much-loved choice for timber kitchen cabinets. It is popular in more traditional styles of kitchens, but its smooth grain and rich reddish-brown colour can be adapted to a variety of kitchen styles. For instance, cherry wood works well when combined with sleek stainless steel or marble benches. It is also a durable timber that can withstand tough treatment, and its colour darkens with age.

Hickory Kitchen Cabinets

 Hickory is renowned for its dramatic colour variations and cabinets made from this wood make a bold kitchen design statement. Generally used in rustic-themed kitchens, hickory is extremely tough, although it is somewhat more porous than oak, maple and cherry. The contrast between hickory's sapwood, which is pale, and its heartwood, which is much darker, allows for striking effects, and its fine grain creates lovely patterns.

Maple Kitchen Cabinets

 Almost as popular as oak, maple's best quality may be its versatility. Maple can take a variety of stains and finishes, and is so durable that it is often used for countertops and flooring. As with cherry, maple can be adapted to a variety of styles, from rustic country kitchens to more modern rooms that use stainless steel and other materials. 

Walnut Kitchen Cabinets 

An exotic choice, walnut is a dark type of heartwood that is strong enough to be used in flooring, as well as kitchen cabinetry. Walnut is an expensive choice, but its effect is dramatic - its rich colour brings elegance into any kitchen. To obtain walnut kitchens, it is generally necessary to visit a custom cabinet maker. 

Pine Kitchen Cabinets

Pine is an inexpensive wood that can be used in rustic-style kitchens. It takes stains easily and to save money you can considering buying untreated pine cabinets and staining them yourself.

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