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Design Tips for Kitchen Cabinets

Making the most of your storage space will create an efficient working environment in your kitchen. In this article we look at tips for making the most of your kitchen cabinets.

Get Your Spacing Right

Make sure that any cabinets you install will be easy to access. Banks of cabinets on walls are a good way to save space, but make sure they are not installed too close to the bench top - if they are, you'll impede the view of your workspace and make it difficult to access. Try to allow at least half of one meter, but don't make it too high or it'll be difficult for vertically challenged members of your family to reach necessary implements.

Tricky Ideas

Corner cupboards are often home to tricky spaces which are rarely touched by human hands. But some innovative thinking can turn this corner space into an efficient storage area. For instance, a corner shelving system that swings out when you open the cupboard door can utilise that space while maintaining ease of access. A revolving kitchen cabinet is another way of maximising this storage area - just spin your shelf around until you get to the objects that you need.

Drawers, Drawers, Drawers

Kitchen drawers aren't just for knives any more - utility drawers are a handy way of accessing pots, pans, plastic containers and other objects more traditionally kept in cupboard spaces. Utility drawers are larger than cutlery drawers and generally sit near the bottom of your cabinetry. Because the objects inside are heavy, the rollers on utility drawers need to be both strong and smooth-moving.

Hooking Up

Why hide everything away in cupboards? Hooks, magnetic strips and racks are a great way to add both storage space and character to your kitchen. If you've got a high ceiling, consider hanging your pots, pans and other objects from hooks near the cooking area. That way they will be easy to access while you are cooking. Knives and other large items of cutlery can be stored on a magnetic strip drilled into the wall. And a spice rack built into the wall near the food preparation area saves you trips to the pantry and also looks great.

Solid Door or Glass Door

This choice really depends on the kind of person you are. If you're a house-proud type who loves to display fine dinnerware to its fullest potential, then glass cabinets will be great for you. If, on the other hand, you're slightly disorganised and tend to rummage through piles of pots and pans to find what you need, solid doors will help you hide that clutter away. Of course, a combination of see-through cabinets for good objects and solid cabinets for more practical items is also an option.

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