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Space Saving Microwave Drawers by Sharp

A microwave is a standard kitchen item. We tend to have them placed above the fridge or a space on the kitchen bench. It seems like the normal thing to do. But now the microwave placement has been redesigned by Sharp with Microwave Drawers. Its great to create more bench space and especially ideal for kitchen islands. Here are the different styles and designs that Sharp has created.

Insight Pro Microwave draw

Insight Pro Cooktop+Microwave Drawer Combination Unit
is ideal to be placed underneath the stove top and it gives you easy access. Price from US$1599.99.

Insight Pro microwave Drawer

This is another version of the Insight Pro Microwave Drawer. It is without the cook top unit and is priced from US$799 and is available in black or white.

Insight Pro Microwave Draw

This design has a curved finish and it available in black or white. It is the smallest of the Insight Pro range at 24 inch. Priced from US$799.

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