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Sexy Porsche design kitchen and applicances tailored for men
Why is it that when people think of kitchens they automatically think of women? Porsche has released a kitchen styled for men and kitchen appliances to match. Even though this kitchen seems hugely sexist it is a sexy kitchen. Now don’t think “Wow a racing car in my kitchen and all the appliances are turbo charged". The Poggenpohl Porsche Design group are who are responsible for this vision becoming a reality.

Porsche Design Kitchen

The kitchen is sleek and has a very edgy look to it and all of the appliances are made by Miele and Cie.
The kitchen is built on a aluminium frame work of different sizes in each piece which makes it possible to individual style the framework, Within the aluminium frames the cabinet elements can be placed in any order as it is overall a versatile system of frames and carcasses that integrates clear space into the design playing on less is more with kitchen cabinetry.

Porsche kitchen elements

Aluminum is a typical material used by Porsche Design and with the use of this material it gives the kitchen an innovative and technical look. All the frames used come with lighting that is placed with great thought so they directly illuminate whilst diffusing the light over the worktops of the cabinets.
The aluminum framing is complemented with glass, which comes in a gloss or satin finish depending on your preference. With all these beautiful materials we can’t see why they were tailoring it to men; it is attractive to both of the sexes.

The front surfaces of the kitchen design are available in two wood varieties just so you can truly feel like you created it yourself. The choices are Driftwood, which is a heavily brushed type of pine and has a natural touch, the other choice is a Dark Oak this is a finely brushed type of opaque oak. The surfaces are unsealed and let you feel the texture of the wood which really hits it off with the glass and aluminium elements used in the rest of the design.

All the cabinets are handle-less, they use a system that only take a light push for them to reveal the inside of the cabinets and when you close them they will retract slowly for the last few centimetres before they are closed, so no slamming drawers or cabinets. The handle-less design adds to the sleek overall design of this kitchen. But if you are really against handle-less drawers and cabinets then aluminium brushed pull bars are available.

When you are in the Porsche kitchen cooking up a storm we are sure that you like a little music to sauté too, well Porsche felt the same was that’s why it comes complete with a high tech audio – video system. The LCD module and electronics are placed behind the glass surfaces to protect it from grease and water. The system supports analogue and digital components so you can just plug and play from whatever is your choice of music output. Very sexy.

miege stove top

Miele and Cie. is the exclusive maker for the kitchen appliances and have taken in the design of the kitchen and complimented it with an espresso machine, cook top, dishwasher, and oven and range hood. They are all operated with sensor touch to avoid bringing bulky buttons to break the design.

miege espresso machine

We are sure you are drooling over this kitchen by now, to find out more visit the Porsche Design Group website.

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