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Latest Trends: Kitchen Cabinets

Trying to pin down the newest trends in kitchen cabinets is tricky - the answer often depends on who you talk to. Kitchen trends tend to change more slowly than in the world of fashion, but nevertheless they do change quite quickly, and today's fad can easily become tomorrow's horrific error. In this article we cover some of the latest trends in kitchen cabinet desing.

Minimalist Shapes and Handles

Handle-free drawers and square shapes have been in vogue again for some time. Finger slots that replace door and drawer handles are particularly popular, as they create a seamless look. People are also eliminating bench overhangs for the same reason. Another minimalist-related trend is cabinets that appear to float off the floor, as well as cabinets and knife racks that appear to float above kitchen benches.


Timber remains the favourite material for cabinets, but like everything else, there are trends in timbers too. Cherry has been a hot material for kitchen cabinet revamps, but has probably peaked. A blonde wood called anegre has become very popular in the high-end market, and walnut is also becoming popular again, but with clearer finishes than before.  Reconstituted timber veneers are another material gaining prominence in the market.

Personalising the Kitchen

A hot trend in kitchen cabinets is personalising storage spaces, along with the outside look of cabinets. This kind of storage can incorporate a huge variety of ideas - for instance, unique shelving, a wine rack as a display feature and many other customisable bits and pieces. The idea behind it is giving the kitchen more individuality, but in a practical way.

Minimal vs Traditional

The divide between those who love the warm, homely feeling of a country-style kitchen and those who are after a functional, easy-to-clean space with a sleek modern look continues unabated. A recent survey of US cabinetry suppliers highlighted that the traditional and contemporary divide remains. However, many traditional  kitchens are now incorporating more modern elements - maple and cherry cabinets dominate. And the contemporary look is not as harsh as it was in the 1970s or 80s, with flourishes incorporated into cabinetry such as glass panels or oriental touches.

The same survey identified exclusivity - the desire to have something that no-one else has - as a strong driver in current cabinetry trends. As such, quirky antiques and items from other countries are becoming very popular.

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