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Go green with your kitchen appliances

The kitchen is one of the greatest energy consuming areas in a household. So, if you want to reduce your future energy bills and help the environment as well, you should start by replacing all the outdated kitchen appliances that haven’t been designed be more energy efficient. If you are looking for an eco-friendly kitchen, you should start by reducing your current energy consumption. The energy consumption of this particular space is high enough due to all the appliances and tasks that are performed here. Using biodegradable bin liners, recycling, using more eco-friendly cleaning products are some of the best things you can do in order to have a greener kitchen.




However, purchasing and using some energy saving kitchen appliances is more important. For instance, dishwashers, ovens, cookers and refrigerators can actually count for almost 45% of the total amount of energy that can be consumed in a household. Purchasing some energy efficient kitchen appliances and changing the way you are accustomed to use your kitchen appliances can make the difference for your future energy bills. 

Once you decide to have a  greener kitchen, you will have to start by considering the size of each of your kitchen appliances. For instance, many home owners tend to purchase over sized kitchen appliances even if they don’t need them. These home owners are very likely to end up wasting precious energy in the process. Even if you find larger kitchen appliances more attractive due to the fact that they may come with extra features, you should choose them in a careful manner in order not to waste your money on things that you don’t really need. For instance, if your family is a smaller one, you should definitely go for smaller and more energy saving kitchen appliances in order to meet the real needs of your family instead of opting for larger kitchen appliances that will only waste your money. Keep in mind that once you decide to purchase a smaller kitchen appliance that can suit your needs, you will be saving money, space and the environment as well. 




A dishwasher is another important kitchen appliance that you should use in a wise way and without spending too much energy. Choose newer models that are designed to use less water when compared to the old and more traditional models. Additionally, many of these energy saving dishwashers are designed to prevent you from wasting additional amount of water when rinsing the dishes right before you have them placed into the dishwasher. So, when you are looking for an energy saving dishwasher, go for a really compact model and remember to use this dishwasher only when its interior compartment is full in order to save both water and energy.




Ovens and cookers are other kitchen appliances that can require a greater amount of energy. So, when possible, try and use smaller and energy saving kitchen appliances or even the microwaves in order to heat or prepare your food. For instance, if you want to boil some water, using a smaller kitchen appliance such as a quality cordless kettle instead of a cooker may be a wiser decision. If you are accustomed to using the oven in order to preheat your food, you should go for the latest models of ovens that are designed to be more energy efficient thus reducing your energy consumption. Remember to cook more than just one dish whenever you use your oven.




Another kitchen appliance you should consider when trying to have a greener kitchen is the range hood. This kitchen appliance is extremely helpful when it comes to having a proper ventilation in your home, by keeping the air cleaner. Keep in mind that having a trully clean air in your home is essential when it comes to providing yourself with an eco-friendly environment. When you consider all your options regarding the kitchen appliances you can purchase, the first thing that is likely to come to your mind is the exact price tag. While purchasing some energy efficient kitchen appliances may appear as a truly significant investment initially, you may rest assured that this investment will pay off in time. For instance, you will see the savings instantly on your future electricity bills and you will also be saving even more in the future to come. Keep in mind that quality and energy saving kitchen appliances will save you between 25-60% in your monthly energy costs. So, by purchasing energy saving kitchen appliances, you will do your own part to help the environment and save a significant sum on your energy bills.         

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