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Economic, intelligent and easy to maintain – the new generation of kitchen appliances

Although they are very efficient, practical and easy to use, they meet the highest safety standards and require minimal effort to maintain. The new models of appliances meet their tasks rapidly, quietly and very economically. Also, they raise interest by both versatility and attractive design.

All kitchen appliances have something in common: they can do more, work effectively and without noise and are visibly more beautiful, performing more functions than those of past generations. Some of the main qualities are: the ultramodern sensor technique, automated and the Touch Control programs.


The new materials used - aluminum and stainless steel: matte and / or highly polished - and glass set the tone in the latest generation of appliances. Titanium is used more often nowadays, especially for the impressive lines of design.

Multifunctional devices are built-in the new generation of stoves. Besides the classic modes of operation, these offer other practical utilities, such as: microwaves, steam ovens, melting, baking bread, pizza, etc. This compact appliance is very suitable for small kitchens. Due to their height, kitchen appliances can be combined, thereby saving space in the kitchen.

When it comes to cleaning the devices, we have some good news: they require minimal effort because of special protective layers with anti-adhesive properties and the innovative cleaning systems.


When washing dishes by hand we consume about 40 l. Advanced dish washing machines solve this problem, helping us save up to 27 l. Intensive, special and economic programs, protect sensitive glasses, porcelain, silver or stainless steel cutlery and the vessel reaches again the desired brightness. An absolute hygiene is obtained with special hygiene filters which kill all bacteria.




Food storage, cooling and freezing has never been easier. This is due to new and advanced refrigerators and freezers. For households and families that often receive many visitors, side-by-side appliances are the most recommended.












One thing that should not miss in any kitchen is the hood. This has transformed over time into a revolutionary appliance, because of the modern sensorial technology, new concepts for heat playing for energy saving, special materials for blurring noise, perfected filter technique,  easy care, but also because of the attractive design. New hoods are built into the kitchen furniture, but can also be an optical highlight in the new kitchens.

The mixture of stainless steel or aluminum and glass materials addresses both appliances and furniture design, with an emphasis on optics.

Nowadays appliances are very efficient, multifunctional and advanced, so that our work is visibly reduced and our life is made easier.


LG (refrigerator)

Miele (dishwasher)

Panasonic (microwave)

Franke (hood)


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