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7 Eco friendly Kitchen Appliances - Help You Reduce Cost and Energy

The kitchen is the place where food is prepared and in which almost each of us pass through every morning before we start the daily activities or in the evening before we go to sleep. It is also the space where the whole family can gather for a comfortable and friendly dinner. For these reasons each of us strives to give a more pleasant appearance to this space. Our concerns should not resume, when selecting furniture and domestic appliances, just to the aesthetic aspect of the kitchen, but also to the energy efficiency of small or large appliances and household items. It is recommended to choose those appliances with the lowest power consumption, because in this way we not only save money, but also do our part in helping the environment.

We will offer some suggestions to turn your kitchen into a green space.



Whirlpool has introduced the new Resource Saver refrigerator, which they claim to be the most energy saving side-by-side fridge ever made, as it consumes 30% less energy than federal standards require. The power use is almost the same as for a 60Watt light bulb. The refrigerator is made with the latest technology, incorporating cooler sensors and having the ice cube unit in the door.



Bosch doesn’t stay behind either, introducing alarms, exterior temperature controls and other smart features in its energy-efficient refrigerator.



Asko proposes an ultra-modern dishwashers that is also friendly with the environment, using less electricity and water than normal dishwashers. This dishwasher said to “outclean conventional units” comes in a great variety of sizes and colours and has the Energy Star certification. Another intelligent, eco-dishwasher comes from Kenmore. The Elite series combines all the above mentioned advantages with a relatively low price.



An indispensable appliance in the modern kitchen is the tea kettle, perfect for warming up a cold day with a hot cup of tea or for refreshing our mornings with some good coffee. While most kettles boil too much water, this eco-kettle only boils enough water for 1 to 8 cups, wasting less energy than the usual ones.

A lot of electricity is consumed when using more than one burners for boiling separate foods (in different pots) at the same time. This being said, it would be great if there was a cooker which could boil two or three different foods at the same time. Now this is possible with the new eco cooker.

You can save some energy even with this digital clock, which is powered by a combination of water and salt for displaying time.



For those of you fortunate enough to have a back yard or al least a small terrace or balcony, some of the cooking can be made outside. Thus, you can use a solar oven that heats through the heat taken from the sun.



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