5 Delish dish drawers. The latest in dishwashers.

Dishwasher drawers are becoming extremely popular for numerous reasons. They can be purchased as single drawers (which are great for the smaller kitchens), you can wash smaller amounts at a time (great for single dwellers), they are more eco-friendly (since you can use one drawer at a time for smaller wash loads). Not only do they come with a stylish design they also can be tailored to suit your existing kitchen cabinetry. Here is a range of double dishwasher draws that are currently available.

Fisher and Paykel dish drawer

Created by
Fisher & Paykel this sleek black double dish drawer, functions as 2 independant drawers. Independant operation is great for small wash loads or heavy and light washing. Priced from US$1,048.00.

Fisher and Paykel cabinet dish drawer

Another dish drawer by
Fisher & Paykel. This has a cabinet finish which conceals its self as part of your kitchen cabinetry. Priced from US$1,429.00.

DCS dishwasher drawer

DCS branded, this dish drawer and similar products are available on ebay. It is a great idea to browse
ebay stores to see if you can get a new products for half the retail price. This particular dish drawer has drawer and keypad lock a plus for people with little kids. It can also be operated as individual drawers too. This ebay seller offers a “buy it now" price of US $1,549.00.

Fulgor dish drawer

Created by
Fulgor is a double dish drawer. It has an in-built food blade near the drain so it minces up any large bits of food, reducing the risk of your dishwasher blocking up. It also has a child-lock system and can be custom designed to suit your kitchen cabinets. Priced from US$1399.00.

Kitchen Aid Dish Drawer

Kitchen Aid is this contemporary dish drawer. It has a modern wood finish with stainless steel handles. It operates as 2 separate units and has a child safety lock. Priced from $US1499.00.

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