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Where can I buy cheap kitchen cabinets?

There are many styles and varieties of kitchen cabinets available. Unfortunately some of these may break your renovating budget. If you want to revamp your kitchen by installing some new kitchen cabinets it is worth while shopping around for the best buy. Here are some places where to look.

Second hand building supply stores.
You may not realize but there are always pre-used kitchen cabinets available. Check your local business directory for places that specialize in used renovations goods or furniture. Even if the cabinets are not the color you desire you can easily re-paint or resurface the cabinets. You can even mix and match to get the right kitchen cabinet set to suit your kitchen layout and size.

Online auction stores.
Ebay and other online auction stores are a great place to shop for cheap and affordable kitchen cabinets too. Simply search for kitchen cabinets on the auction site and see what the results are. Don’t just search once and give up, every few days do a search as the listings will constantly change and who knows what you can find!

Factory Outlets.
Many factory outlets have websites so you can Google for these and others will be listed in your local business directory. Factory outlets sell mostly excess stock and some slightly damaged goods. So you can buy brand new kitchen cabinets for half the price. It is worth your time to pop into these outlets to check out what they have to offer.

Browse through your local paper’s classifieds. There is always someone who has put in a brand new kitchen and their old cabinets are still in great shape. This way you can pick up a bargain and view the cabinets first. Many second hand building supply stores purchase these then mark them up to cost their costs. Some people will even offer the cabinets for free all you will have to do is be able to pick them up by a certain date.

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