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What can I cover my kitchen countertop with?

Covering your kitchen countertop is an inexpensive way to update your kitchens look and to hide any imperfections on the countertop. Here are some ideas on covering your kitchen countertop instead of replacing the entire countertop.

Painting your countertop.
Painting the kitchen countertops are a great way to update if you have a wooden countertop to start with. Use melamine paint as they are more durable and they can also be use on laminate surfaces.

First lightly sand the countertop, and then wash the surface to make sure there is no dust left on the surface.
Apply a thin coat of melamine; it is oil based paint so it needs a good 16hours to dry between coats. Overlap your strokes and don’t apply too much pressure with the brush or roller so you can achieve clean and smooth lines.

After the first coat has dried lightly sand the surface again with 1000 grit sandpaper and wash down the surface. When it has completely dried apply your second coat just as you did with the first coat.

Wait another 16hours for this to thoroughly dry and then apply a clear polyurethane with a good quality brush. A cheap brush will leave bristles in the polyurethane. Allow 6 hours for drying and sand lightly with a 1000-1200 grit sandpaper and reply the polyurethane if necessary.
The polyurethane is a clear finishing coat which will help protect the surface from scratches.

Paper and “peel and stick” to cover your countertop.
Another option is applying coloured paper or peel and stick paper of your choice to the countertop. You may even go a little crazy and make a collage on your countertop from images you find or photographs.

Lay out the all the pieces you are going to use first before you adhere them to the surface. PVC glue is great to use but don’t use it too thickly and make sure it is completely dry before you apply the clear coat, if it is still wet bubbles will appear.

Once you have applied your paper or peel and stick paper you then cover with a clear coat. Polyurethane is best and you can pick this up from your local hardware store. Applying two coats is best and make sure you allow the correct drying time of about 6 hours between coats. It is a bold decision to make a collage on your countertop however it can make a dramatic statement in your kitchen.

Tiling your countertop.
You make feel you need to tile the countertop. This is more costly and time consuming then other options.

You will need to firstly buy tiles that you would like and make sure you have enough to cover the countertop. Once you have sorted out the tiles that you need for the project you will then need also purchase the correct adhesive and grout to set the tiles.

Lay out the tiles in the pattern that you want to see if you have enough and then cut any tiles that you will need to. Around the sink can be tricky so take care here. You may need to remove your sink if it is an over mount sink or you can tile over the lip of the sink but you will need to bring up the entire height of the tiles to do this.

Once you have cut your tiles to fit you need to spread out the adhesive to the kitchen counter top. Make sure you spread this out evenly and smoothly. Place the tiles on the adhesive and leave a little space between each tile for the grout. Using “spacers”, which can be purchased from any hardware store, will help you achieve even spaces between each tile. Check that the tiling is level and now you have to wait for the adhesive to dry and set before you move on to grouting the tiles in.

Mix up your grout to the instructions given by the grout manufacturer and smear on the grout in the gaps using a damp cloth. Make sure you run your finger between the gaps so it has a smooth finish. Let the grout partially dry and set before you wipe off the excess grout left on the tiles.

Tiling you kitchen countertop can be a really effective transformation of your kitchen but if you are looking at covering your counter top with the most inexpensive option then this may not be for you, as the next step to covering your kitchen countertop is removing and replacing it with a new or second hand counter top.

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