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How to unclog the kitchen sink myself.

When a sink, bath or basin is blocked, it may be necessary to have the trap below dismantled, but first try to clear it with a plunger.

1. If your basin is old it may have an overflow, if so block with a rag so that the air and water cannot escape when the plunger is used.
2. Remove all but a small pool of water from the basin with a cup or something similar. Leave about  25mm of water.
3. Place a plunger firmly over the waste outlet hole (drain). Work the handle of the plunger in an up and down motion.
4. When the blockage is dislodged, the pool of water will drain out. Turn on a tap and agitate the plunger this will help the blockage completely rinse away.
5. Remove the rag from the overflow outlet if you have one.

To prevent blockages in your pipes here are a few tips and ideas.
All baths, basins and sinks should have a grid over the waste outlet to stop solids with could block the drain. You can buy finer strainers at the supermarket you can place over your drain at home to help. Smaller solids can pass through the grid such as tea leaves, hairs and vegetable scrapings.
If possible, do not empty tea leaves into the sink. Always run hot water after pouring anything that is fatty into the sink. You should pour fat directly into a sink drain. Wait until it cools and scrap it into the bin it is better for your sink and environment.
Clean out the trap underneath the kitchen sink regularly by running baking soda and hot water a vinegar down it.


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