How to repair a chipped granite countertop.
Granite is a very sturdy material to have as your kitchen counter top, unfortunately they can chip if hit with a hard edged object. Mostly kitchen granite counter tops will be chipped on the corners of the exposed counter top. Correctly caring for your granite top can prevent this, but if you do chip your granite counter tops here are some ways to repair the chip.

Granite can be repaired with an epoxy mix. It is difficult to do due to granite colors vary. You will need to get an epoxy kit and some granite chips. Make sure you get the same color chips that your granite is.

Epoxy kits can be purchased online through granite website, your major hardware stores and you can even pick up some epoxy mixing kits from a craft store and other stores that have fibreglass products such as pool or surfboard stores. Make sure you speak to the customer service assistant to find out the best product for the granite.

If you are unsure if the product is suited to granite then it would be best not to use it. Granite is a unique material that products not suited to the granite can leave further damage than what you original set out to repair.

For repairing large chips on a granite kitchen countertop we recommend you purchase a Granite Repair Kit. They are fairly inexpensive and the products are made for granite so you don’t have any fear of making a mess of the project. Repair kits are all available in a range of colours so you don’t need to worry about finding granite chips to match the colour of your countertop all you need to do is pick the right kit colour.

Before using any repair kit or epoxy mix firstly wash down the granite making sure it is free from dirt or grease as this can affect the end result. Let the area completely dry before you start.

Repair kits and epoxy mixes have a strong odour and it is recommended that you wear some protective gear such as gloves and a mask. Open a window or a door to help with ventilation in the kitchen. If you happening to be cooking in the kitchen at the time you want to do the repair we really feel this is not a good idea. The heat coming from an oven or stove can cause the fumes from the epoxy could affect you, so wait until after dinner to start.

Follow the instructions the repair kit or epoxy mix manufacturer has provided and make sure you leave the correct amount of drying time, if you live in a warm or humid climate allow longer for drying.

After the repair has been fixed and dried, take this opportunity to reseal your granite. Granite seal kits can be purchased from major hardware stores.

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