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How to remove bathtub discoloration caused by bathtub mat

Depending on the material your bathtub is made from depends on what product and technique you use to remove it. Before you go and by specially tailored products from your local hardware store there are a few home remedies you can try first.

Most bathtub discoloration caused by bathtub mats are from built up body grim. So first try and give the tub a good scrub first but avoid using abrasive material such as steel wool to do this. A plastic bristle scrubbing brush is the toughest material you should use otherwise you would be risking scratching the bathtub surface.

Gumption is a great product to use which you rub it in as it is a paste form. Use a soft cloth to rub it in then rinse it away with warm water.

Try getting a nice hot sponge that has a little detergent in it and leave this over the stained area the heat should loosen the stain and then wash down with some shower cleaner.  This technique is difficult for stains that cover a large area as you would need multiple sponges.

Another technique to use it also great to remove stains from laminated and porcelain based surfaces. Make a paste with baking soda, a little flour and water. The flour helps make it into a paste form. Mixed it together so it forms a paste then smear it on the discolored area. Cover area with plastic wrap and leave this over night. Then after about 12hours removed the paste and wash the area with warm soapy it water it should lift the stain.

So your bathtub is still discolored? Don’t replace your bathtub just yet! If it is a fiber glass tub like most are well there is something else you can try.  You can use pool cleaning products to remove the stain or you can purchase refinishing kits that are available at most hardware stores.

Refinishing kits can be a little difficult to master but it is work a try if the discoloration is really obvious it is worth a try. There are spray can kits which you should choose the color that matches your tub or something of a lighter shade. Clean and dry the area and then wipe it the bathtub over with alcohol. You can use high grade vodka for this or alcohol swaps from your local pharmacy. This ensures that there is no dirt or dust left in the tub. Since you will probably spraying the whole are careful tape up the drain so you don’t spray the polished metal and the area around your tub. To be sure it doesn’t stain the rest of your bathroom when you spray cover the rest of the area with drop sheets or some form of thick material. Make sure the area is well ventilated when you do this and wear a mask too. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for correct application procedure and drying times.

To avoid any further discoloration from your bathtub mat pull it out after each use and scrub the area thoroughly on weekly basis.

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